Hello! My name is Marin Mattingly. I've been a massage therapist since 2010.

I became the new owner of Salt Lake City Prenatal Massage in 2018, because I new our community needed a place where everyone and anyone could get prenatal and postnatal body work. Also, I wanted a place for pediatric clients and fertility client’s. When I was having my family I didn’t know about all the options that were available. I got into this bodywork work as a Massage Therapist when my first grandchild was on the way. I new that there just had to be something else out there for expecting mothers and those who wanted to get pregnant. That lead me to where I am today.

We hear all the time from mothers who have gone in for massage while pregnant and leaving feeling usually pretty disappointed. These mama’s are going to spas or other places who treat them like they are fragile. Seeing therapists who are afraid to give that deep work those mama’s swollen feet and aching back crave. We hear from mama’s who are told they HAVE to lie on their side for the massage - no matter what because during pregnancy massage was dangerous, or that a pregnant mama was a liability. We/I know that simply isn't true.

Following in our previous owners passion and vision, I too dreamed of a place where pregnant women could come for all things pregnancy - starting with pregnancy massage - and be and feel safe, honored, comfortable, and totally supported in all ways and not only a place for pregnant women but the entire family... and you found us! Here we are!

My team of Licensed Massage Therapists are all women whom I have hand picked and have been trained in the specialty field of pregnancy & postpartum massage.

SLC Prenatal Massage Therapists have collectively worked on over 10,000 pregnant women since 2009.

 I personally guarantee your satisfaction. Our door is always open and We/I welcome any and all feedback. 

We look forward to making your life easier!

Marin Mattingly

Owner/Director/Licensed Massage Therapist, Maternity-Prenatal/Fertility/Pediatric Massage Specialist/ Birth Educator & Birth Doula