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In our clients' own words:

I give 5 Stars- on a scale from 1-10 I give a 10 out of 10- give me a cupcake and i would have given a 20
I liked how deep she was doing and how she kept asking every once in a while how i was doing and if the pressure was ok. I’ve never had a massage before. This was amazing!

“For just a moment in time during this pregnancy I didn’t feel pregnant. My therapist was so wonderfully amazing, she made me feel so good and my body felt so light and comfortable. “

Being a plus size pregnant mommy, I was worried about the bed not being big enough, and the supplies (prenatal pillows, wedges, inserts, etc) not accommodating. They were perfect. I didn't have to worry. Everything was heavy duty, and the therapist knew exactly how to make me comfortable with my growing belly. 

The therapist was amazing and made me feel so comfortable when I'd never had a prenatal massage before. She worked my whole body and I left feeling so rejuvenated.

I absolutely loved that Marin explained everything -the bed, the pressure, where to massage. She was very attentive to my needs and made sure that everything was comfortable
I would’ve loved a longer massage!! Haha next time... 

I’ve had a lot of massages before and I can honestly say this one was the best one ever. The therapist really knew what she was doing! I didn’t realize my hips were carrying so much until she worked them over and made them feel so good!!

I lucked out and was booked with the new owner and I didn’t even know until I got there. Marin made sure I was comfortable throughout the massage, made sure it wasn't too cold, etc. She was very thorough. She knows her stuff, pregnancy and postpartum! I LOVED my massage. I’m definitely coming back and I’m not even pregnant right now. 

The massage was more than I have ever experienced before. I appreciated the attention the therapist paid to every part of my body! I was impressed with her routine in transitioning positions and the modesty that she respected. She is amazing!!! I’ll be back with every pregnancy!

I loved the calming music and the care towards protecting modesty was also really nice. I really liked the smell of the deeper she used on my sore muscles and the essential oils smells were heavenly.

I went to Salt Lake Prenatal Massage for a natural labor stimulation massage when I was 41 weeks along. It was incredible and absolutely worth it. I was lucky to have the owner, as my massage therapist. She spent a lot of time working pressure points and relieving the tension in my body. She used an amazing blend of aromatherapy oils that she created herself.

I loved being able to relax and focus on my body and baby during the massage. Oh and being able to lay on my stomach was pure bliss!

My therapist was a joy to visit with because we have very similar views on pregnancy and childbirth. Besides being a LMT she is also a trained birth doula. She knew exactly how to make a pregnant girl feel supported, empowered, and beautiful.

My therapist went two weeks overdue with her first baby, so she could definitely empathize with me and also encourage me. Like me, she didn't want to be induced and wanted to let the baby come on his own. It was so refreshing that when I walked in the door and she asked how far along I was that she didn't say "Oh you poor thing!" Instead she said, "That's normal!"

...follow up email received from the same woman only 7 hours later: "Hey Heidi,

I was planning to schedule another natural labor stimulation appointment for next week but I am in labor now! :) Please let Rebecca know I really appreciated the massage and I know it helped set things in motion.



This is the most comfortable I've been in a LONG time!

E.W., Salt Lake City, Utah Expecting first baby

I received prenatal massages from Rebecca Overson throughout the last three months of my pregnancy. It was amazing how relaxed my mind, body and spirit felt after each session. Rebecca was an amazing emotional support and invested in my experience not only as her customer but as a fellow mother. I really appreciated her shared experiences and willingness to listen and offer her opinions when asked. Physically, I was able to move my body comfortably even as I grew and grew and grew. I believe not only did I benefit from Rebecca's care but, my little guy did.

LD, Salt Lake City, Utah First-time mama

Dear Rebecca, I just wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate everything you've done for me. You put off a vibe that draws people in. I feel like I can talk to you about anything & that you'll make me feel good about myself. Thank you for always telling me how beautiful & cute me & my belly are. My massage yesterday was awesome. I needed it really bad. It just seems that you know exactly what I need for some reason & work all the spots that are especially tight or sore. I love our talks & I love that you loaned me those pillows to make sleeping more comfortable. Seriously, considering that I only have 5 weeks to go, I slept pretty dang good last night compared to the last few nights I've had to endure with my sore hip. Thank you so much. SERIOUSLY, thank you so much! I could cry from gratitude! Much Love,

HS, Bountiful, Utah Mother of three

Rebecca, you are amazingly gifted at what you do. I swear, your hands were made to do massage therapy. At times during the massage I thought you were using some kind of precise tool or something - but it was just your hands. I have never felt so comfortable during my pregnancy as I did today on your table!

ND, Woods Cross, Utah Mother of two (Gave birth 48 hours later)


Seriously. Wow. You are so gifted. Thanks for another great massage. I feel like I'm back in my body again.

JA, Salt Lake City, Utah Father of two


My baby was born the day after I last saw you!! Thanks again for the awesome massage!! I swear you have magic hands! My labor was fast and intense. I was having mild contractions that night, not unlike what I had all week, I got into bed and all of a sudden my water broke and I felt like i was in transition! 45 min later our daughter was born. We barely made it to the hospital in time. She is littlle, 5lb 11oz but healthy and happy. I am also feeling good.

Thanks again for fitting me in on such short notice. It was so nice meeting you. Take care!

RS, North Salt Lake, Utah Mother of two

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you so much for working with me during my pregnancy. When I was in labor and having contractions, my husband was awesome and gave me a foot massage to distract me (we definitely used all those pressure points you taught me!).

I really think the hynobabies tracks and massage made all the difference this time. So thank you! I felt so much more calm and in control than I did with my first baby. It was the spiritual and exciting experience that I had hoped for. I really appreciated our conversations about birth, too. It helped me put everything in perspective and get into the right mental mind set.

Anyways, thank you again for your help! I would love to come in some time for the infant massage class. Talk to you soon -

T.P., Orem, Utah Mother of two

Rebecca is so friendly which helped me relax. Also, I could tell that she is well-trained. I would totally refer her to any pregnant woman I know.

MC, West Jordan, Utah Mother of two

Rebecca's technique is good and I felt good afterwards - like I got a real massage and not just light touching.

NP, North Salt Lake City, Utah Mother of Three


"Dearest Rebecca,

I have been meaning to write you ever since we got home, but I am sure you know how preoccupied you can be with a brand new baby.  I blinked my eyes and two weeks have already passed.  T. and I can't get enough of  baby G.  We could just sit and stare at her all day long. :)

I wanted to thank you soooooo much for your support.  You have been such a wonderful part of my pregnancy, and I know I wouldn't have been able to accomplish my birth plan without you there.  I am so grateful for you, words could not explain.  T. and I said it was the best thing we did in having you be our doula.  I was only disappointed that I wasn't with it enough to get a picture of you there with us!

I look forward to seeing you at my postpartum massage.  I will call to schedule soon. Many thanks again!


N.M., Murray, Utah - First-time mom"


"Every time I have a massage with Rebecca I swear she is psychic.  She just knows what my body needs that day - even if I don't! Rebecca is also very knowledgeable about physiology and mental health appertaining to pregnancy. I find her expertise very useful as I deal with each phase of my growing baby. I am expecting my fifth child so you could say I have some decent experience with pregnancy and how my body progresses with each stage. This is the first time I have had regular prenatal massages and WOW does it make a difference!  I have more energy and I just feel better. There is a huge, positive difference in my overall health with this pregnancy than with my others. I am able to be rejuvenated to take care of my children. The atmosphere and ambiance of the Salt Lake Prenatal Massage facility is relaxing, beautiful and quiet.  Rebecca is sweet and appropriately professional. I have received massages from Marianne and Challis as well and they are excellent. I have and will recommend Salt Lake Prenatal Massage to anyone.

-C.L. - Woods Cross, Utah


"Too many women see prenatal massage as a luxury when it's much more than that. Regular prenatal massage is an important component in keeping your body and mind healthy—working the best they can during pregnancy.

As for all women, pregnancy put unique demands on my body and mind. Prenatal massage played a crucial role in relieving the stress of pregnancy. My pregnancy, labor and birth were better for it."

J.K., mom of one, Salt Lake City, Utah


"My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for years.  Eventually we were able to get pregnant through IVF.  Knowing that I might not have another opportunity to experience pregnancy and birth, I really wanted to fully experience and enjoy both.  To facilitate this, I saw Rebecca on a weekly basis most of my pregnancy.  She was amazing at working on specific areas where I was uncomfortable.  Plus, she is a huge supporter of pregnant women and made me feel great about, and in, my changing body.

Getting weekly massages was a way for me to practice being present so that I could have a drug free labor.  I went into labor four days before my daughter was born.  The labor went beautifully. I saw Rebecca twice while I was in labor.  These massages helped me to relax into the experience and realize how natural birth is.  I was able to deliver my ten pound daughter without drugs and be fully present for the whole experience.

Rebecca’s support was so important in facilitating this and allowing me to have an even better birth experience than I could have imagined.  Her faith in my was invaluable. I can’t thank her enough for this."

J.B., First-time mom and University Professor, Salt Lake City, Utah


Having Rebecca as my massage therapist is the sole reason  I am so incredibly happy and at peace now, four weeks after the birth of my second daughter, Chloe.

My husband deployed 2 months before my due date and bought me prenatal massages before his deployment for mother's day.  I haven't stopped going since!  Her touch helped me emotionally and physically, so much that I had her attend my birth! She is not only incredibly gifted in her craft, but a wonderful support for her clients.  The anguish of not having my husband around was quickly extinguished with her comfort.

It is not only through her hands that she has power to heal; it is also through her heart, and her genuine desire to help you attain exactly what you want for your pregnancy and birth.  I honestly don't know where I would be today without her.

I still see her now because of how immensely beneficial her services have been for my state of mind and physical well being. I never went with my first pregnancy, and honestly regret not doing something like this because it has made such a positive impact in my life, which is especially important for not only myself but my daughters.  Positive energy is infectious! Thank you so much for everything, Rebecca!

J.R., Rose Park, Utah - Mother of Two


I began going to Salt Lake Prenatal Massage about halfway through my 3rd pregnancy with my daughter Lily.  Shortly after I had my first massage there, we found out our baby showed signs of having a rare genetic disorder - the same genetic disorder that my first child had passed away from at age 3.

Knowing I would choose to carry this baby to term, I felt like I needed to take care of myself mentally, spiritually and physically like I never had before in order to get through this difficult pregnancy - while also raising my 1-year-old, and my brand-new adopted daughter as well.

The massage was wonderful, but I was most surprised at how I felt afterwards. I felt lighter in so many ways. The next day I was able to get so much done and felt renewed. My back didn't hurt, and my sciatica was gone. I had been embarrassed about my body during my first massage, but afterwards I felt so wonderful I simply didn't care anymore. In fact I discovered a comfort and respect for my body I had never felt before.

I also felt much better able to cope with life and all the emotions I was feeling.

I continued to get massages every other week (and sometimes more) throughout my pregnancy. I was able to take time for myself and connect with my body and unborn baby, which I was so grateful for especially when Lily's diagnosis was confirmed.

Not only did my regular massages alleviate a lot of the more unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy, but I found that they cultivated the desire and energy to take better care of myself. Although I was very tired and sad and stressed, I would look forward to my massages - and sometimes knowing I had one coming up was all that would get me through the day.

Rebecca was wonderful and would let me talk when I felt like it or fall asleep if I wanted.  Sometimes I would cry and I felt totally comfortable doing so. It was like a physical and emotional therapy session all in one.

My husband saw how much happier, calm, and peaceful I was after my massage and would go out of his way to find a babysitter when necessary or encourage me to go, as did my mother and friends. I was able to enjoy my two tiny kids at home and I slept better when I had the chance. Plus it was wonderful just to lay face down for a little while!

Taking the time to get prenatal massage therapy turned what could have been an extremely painful and draining pregnancy into a much more comfortable and calm experience. Lily was born and lived four months before passing away. I am so glad I had those tender months before her birth to connect with her and take care of both of us. Much of her life was painful and spent in the hospital, and when I get upset I remind myself that most of her time on earth was spent inside me, warm and safe and that I was careful to take time to focus on us and keep myself healthy for her.


Registered Nurse, mother of four


Here are a few comments overheard in our waiting room:

"Rebecca, I don't know if I have ever said this out loud after my sessions with you, but seriously, you are SO GOOD at what you do. Some massage therapists just don't 'get it' (and I've had a lot of massages...) but you, my dear, you really GET IT. You are amazing. You are truly gifted. You were made to do this!"

S.W., Labor & Delivery Nurse and first-time mom, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Perfect. Amazing. I loved it all."

"I have never been so comfortable in my whole pregnancy!"

"I feel sooo much better - now I can go home and be nicer to my husband and kids!"

"I do not understand how women can go through pregnancy without massage therapy!"

"I've been to other places that say they do 'prenatal massage', but there is a world of difference in what YOU do as compared to what THEY do.  You are a pro - this is your specialty. The other places were so mediocre, so disappointing. I want to tell the whole world about Salt Lake Prenatal Massage! DON'T GO ANYWHERE ELSE!!"

"Oh - my husband said to tell you THANKS! He says that you are making his life a lot easier by easing my aches and pains!"

"I want to come here every day and lie down on these cushions. I love that I can lie face-down safely, without any pressure on my belly or boobs, without any pain or strain. It feels like I am floating on a cloud. It's the only time I don't FEEL pregnant!"