Available Services, Descriptions & Rates

Satisfaction Guaranteed. We will do everything we can to ensure you are HAPPY with your massage session. Call or Text us at 801.784.6511 with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Prenatal Massage (30/45/60/75/90/120 mins): Pregnant and miserable? Need to feel better, and hurt less during pregnancy? Our massage therapists are EXPERTS in pregnancy pain relief. You CAN lie face down on our cushions for massage at any stage of pregnancy. We have no restrictions on how early or late in pregnancy. THIS IS OUR SPECIALTY!

Natural Labor Stimulation Massage (60/75/90/120 mins): After week 39 of pregnancy, this session incorporates massage, acupressure, reflexology, and essential oils that get your body ready for birth and *may* encourage the onset of labor. No guarantees... but you WILL feel better.

Postpartum Massage (30/45/60/75/90/120 mins): recover from childbirth, cope with sleep deprivation, and feel emotionally and physically better when you get regular massage therapy through motherhood. Start within 5 days of giving birth, and continue during those first 16 weeks of adjusting to life after pregnancy.

Fertility Massage: Struggling to get pregnant, or planning to conceive? Fertility Massage is a mind-body-spirit/holistic approach to getting pregnant and/or working through infertility with the Shared Journey Program Mercier Method. Can be used before or during a journey through IVF, IUI, etc.  Call for more information/consultation.

Abdominal Massage: Separate Rate for this session (90/120 mins) Visceral Abdominal manipulative techniques, in which encourage oxygen &  restored blood flow. Scar tissue can be diminished. Encouragement of stagnant blood tissue and other tissues that may just be stuck, to move. Organ restrictions are relieved and movement replenished amongst the organs and surrounding structures to enhance their natural and most optimal function.  This is good for anyone Male or Female, trying to conceive or not, post surgical, pre surgical, post birth, any health conditions or concerns. Really anytime to help your self feel better is a good time. Call for more information/consultation.

Couples Massage (30/45/60/75/90/120 mins): Special occasion? Date night? Mom or Bestie in town? We have a "couples" massage room where two people can get massages at the same time, in the same room! 

Standard Massage (30/45/60/75/90/120 mins): Nobody likes to be called "Standard" - but we're just sayin', we do massage therapy for men and non-pregnant women. ("Standard" massage. We just don't want to call anyone non-pregnant, you know??)

Pediatric massage (30/45/60 min): We work on little ones and teens, parent is present in the room at all times. 30 mins max recommended if under 13.

Aromatouch® Treatment (30 min): This is NOT a massage, but a light touch session that makes you SO CALM. This is a skilled application of essential oils through light, rhythmic touch on the spine and feet, to promote feelings of deep peace, and to support healthy immune system functioning. Do this if you are feeling emotionally "off", or want to avoid or recover from sickness.

Just Hands and Feet (30 min): Quick de-stress in less time. Book a massage session on hands and feet only. Great for overall relaxation without having to get undressed for a massage. Includes essential oils.

Just Head and Neck (30 min): Got headache or neck pain? Book a massage session focusing ONLY on the jaw, neck, and head.

Just Foot Massage (30 min): Swollen, achy feet need MASSAGE. Begin with a hot foot bath with epsom salts and essential oils, followed by an exfoliating sea mineral foot scrub, and thorough foot and calf massage. Yum. 

Just My Spine (30 min): Back pain can be relieved with massage therapy. Includes hot steamed towel, essential oils, exfoliating back scrub, and thorough massage of your neck, shoulders, mid back, lower back, and glutes. Totally invigorating. 

EVERYTHING WE USE IN OUR PRACTICE IS SAFE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN AND NURSING MOMS. If you have any questions, or concerns, please ask us!