Kristen is on maternity leave and not currently accepting clients as of June 2015.

Kristen Tesch

  • Licensed Massage Therapist (UT 8126294-4701)
  • Graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy October 2008
  • Completed Prenatal Massage training and internship with Rebecca Overson and Salt Lake Prenatal Massage, December 2012
  • Married, and parenting two adorable dogs, and her baby girl born February 2013!
  • Loves to rock climb, camp, and spend time outdoors
  • Birth Doula (DONA)

“My mother is Sherri Price, a home birth midwife in Utah County. As you can imagine, I grew up around pregnancy and birth. At a young age, I even supported my own mother as she gave birth to my little brother, which was such a neat experience. Although I have always been comfortable around pregnancy and birth, I actually never once thought about  birth as a career choice until I became a massage therapist at Salt Lake Prenatal Massage. During my employment as a maternity massage specialist, my eyes have been opened to this amazing world of pregnancy, birth, and women… I am continually honored and humbled to serve women in this time of life.


A couple of years after my doula training and supporting the births of my own clients as a massage therapist doula, I myself gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, in the comfort of our home. My life completely changed! Hazel’s birth was the hardest thing I have ever done, I honestly thought more than once during labor that I was a crazy person for wanting a natural birth and thought over and over during that I’d like to stop and start again the next day… which is what natural birth is like! But with the support of a wonderful birth team (with my mom as the midwife) and an incredible husband, I got through it, and Hazel was born after 14 hours of labor! My whole life changed.


Since having my own direct birth experience I feel like my skills, compassion, and knowledge as a Doula have increased dramatically. Some people think that because I am so steeped in home birth that I am not as helpful in a hospital or birth center setting, but the opposite is true, because my first “impressions” of birth were how very normal birth can be, and I can bring that normalcy to the hospital or birth center.  I personally know that with the right kind of education and support women can do anything, especially something their bodies are built to do – give birth! I can’t wait to help you along this amazing journey as your doula!”

A segment from KUTV channel 2's The Refresh that Kristen appeared on in July 2015.

What our clients have to say about Kristen:

“My massage with Kristen was great! It was relaxing, she transitioned well (no awkward pauses or movements), she was very in tune during my session. It was perfect. See you again soon!” -N.P., mother of three, Sugarhouse, Utah

“I loved that Kristen uses good pressure and listened to/focused on the areas that I requested more attention. I look forward to my next postpartum massage in two weeks!” -E.Y., dietician, Salt Lake City, Utah, mother of two

“Everything about this pregnancy massage was amazing! The pressure was prefect throughout, and Kristen was awesome. She has great bedside manner, I was completely relaxed and free of any distractions. I got more than I came for, this session was by far the best massage I’ve EVER HAD. Kristen was great, and so friendly! Thank you, see you soon!” -J.K., expecting first baby in Bountiful Utah

“My prenatal massage with Kristen was awesome. I love the music you use, the atmosphere, and friendly staff. It was perfect, I feel great in every way. Kristen is so kind.” -M.A., prenatal massage client from Draper, Utah

“I feel great. I can’t wait to see Kristen again. I LOOOOOVED the work she did on my neck. So helpful.” -E.W.

“Oh my gosh, you guys are awesome. I got what I came for and more, I love that Kristen was sure to ASK about my preferences for pressure and to check in with me throughout. Much appreciated! So many times when you go for a massage – prenatal massage or not – the therapist just does what they want to do without really checking in with you. I’m so happy to have found you guys and will be referring all my pregnant friends!” -E.B., hairdresser in Layton Utah

“I really love Kristen’s attention to detail on my shoulders and areas that were tight that I didn’t even realize. I got a little hot during the massage but Kristen totally took care of that and turned the fan on and just made sure I was comfortable at all times. Thank you.” -E.R., mother of two in Sandy, Utah

“I had my first prenatal massage with Kristen at Salt Lake Prenatal Massage, and I left feeling AMAZING. I feel so relaxed. I loved that she made sure it was always a comfortable pressure for me. I can’t wait to come back.” -A.C., Woods Cross Utah

My pregnancy massage with Kristen was better than I expected! The pressure was great, totally comfort in learning that she knew exactly what to do. The music was nice too.” -M.M., first time mom in Holladay Utah

“I am definitely coming back for another maternity massage with Kristen. I feel 100% better! She was very informative and knowledgeable not only about massage during pregnancy, but all other kinds of things about birth that I asked her about. Everything was great.” -A.C., Pregnant in Taylorsville Utah

“Kristen was great! She explained everything in a way that was very easy to understand, used a great amount of pressure, felt great, was perfect mix of gentle with firm, very friendly, very nice! Totally got everything I came for.” -K.M. 2nd time mom from Salt Lake City