Birth Doula Services

Birth Doula Services

Doula Rebecca Overson

Scared of giving birth? Want to have the kind of birth experience you envision? You need a Birth Doula!

If you don’t know what a birth doula is, read on, and watch this short video.

Although everyone can benefit from a doula, you DEFINITELY need a doula if you fall into any of these categories:

1) first time moms

2) women attempting to give birth naturally for the first time

3) women who are scared or express fear of giving birth

4) women who clearly lack adequate support (husband is overseas, single women, etc.)

5) women who want to give birth naturally, in a hospital

6) women who have been disappointed or traumatized by a previous birth

7) women who want support with a vaginal birth following a previous cesarean birth (VBAC)

Salt Lake Prenatal Massage has a team of AWESOME doulas. We consistently get stellar, unsolicited feedback from the families we support as well as the doctors, nurses, and midwives we work with, that our Doulas have INCREDIBLE skills that make a BIG difference in how birth goes for our clients. Doulas have skills that doctors and nurses don’t. A doula is an important part of your birth team because their focus is on supporting YOU throughout the whole entire process – not just delivery.

Most people think a Doula is “just like a midwife.” No! Doulas are not midwives. Doulas do not deliver babies. And…Doulas are NOT just for people who want natural births! Doulas are skilled, professional birth support people who help you navigate the wilderness of pregnancy, labor, and birth.

A doctor, nurse, or midwife worries about you from the waist-down; your doula worries about you from the waist UP. They take care of and support the WOMAN who is GIVING BIRTH. They attend to her emotional needs, physical needs, spiritual needs, and provide all kinds of information and support throughout pregnancy, labor, and delivery. A skilled, experienced Doula can make THE difference in how your birth goes.



Terra Maynes and Emily Steadman, representing us at a birth event

Kristen HeadshotKristen Tesch, Licensed Massage Therapist, Birth Doula, currently accepting clients for hospital, birth center, or home births.

About Kristen: 

“My mother is Sherri Price, a home birth midwife in Utah County. As you can imagine, I grew up around pregnancy and birth. At a young age, I even supported my own mother as she gave birth to my little brother, which was such a neat experience. Although I have always been comfortable around pregnancy and birth, I actually never once thought about  birth as a career choice until I became a massage therapist at Salt Lake Prenatal Massage. During my employment as a maternity massage specialist, my eyes have been opened to this amazing world of pregnancy, birth, and women… I am continually honored and humbled to serve women in this time of life.
A couple of years after my doula training and supporting the births of my own clients as a massage therapist doula, I myself gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, in the comfort of our home. My life completely changed! Hazel’s birth was the hardest thing I have ever done, I honestly thought more than once during labor that I was a crazy person for wanting a natural birth and thought over and over during that I’d like to stop and start again the next day… which is what natural birth is like! But with the support of a wonderful birth team (with my mom as the midwife) and an incredible husband, I got through it, and Hazel was born after 14 hours of labor! My whole life changed.
Since having my own direct birth experience I feel like my skills, compassion, and knowledge as a Doula have increased dramatically. Some people think that because I am so steeped in home birth that I am not as helpful in a hospital or birth center setting, but the opposite is true, because my first “impressions” of birth were how very normal birth can be, and I can bring that normalcy to the hospital or birth center.  I personally know that with the right kind of education and support women can do anything, especially something their bodies are built to do – give birth! I can’t wait to help you along this amazing journey as your doula!”
JESSICA CAMPBELL,  Certified Doula since 2013, Utah Doula Association Board Member. Completed Doula internship with Claire Stanley, RN, and received Associates of Health Science from Salt Lake Community College (2014). Mom of two children, currently accepting clients for hospital, birth center, or home births.
More information on Jessica coming soon!

Our Doulas that are NOT currently accepting clients (but we want you to know who they are!):

Rebecca Overson, Licensed Massage Therapist, Doula and mom of 2; not currently accepting new clients. She does provide stellar guidance, mentoring, support, and backup to all of our doulas. She is the owner and founder of Salt Lake Prenatal Massage.

Marin Mattingly, Licensed Massage Therapist, Doula, Hypnobirthing Instructor, and mom of 11 – yes, that is not a typo, she has ELEVEN CHILDREN. On medical leave til further notice.

Emily Steadman, Birth Doula, Student Midwife, expecting Baby #1 in 2014 and currently on Maternity Leave, only accepting clients with due dates after September 2014.

Terra Maynes, Birth Doula, mom of 1, expecting another baby in 2014 and currently on Maternity Leave.

Doula is a greek word for “servant” or handmaiden, and in this context, a birth doula is a professionally trained labor and birth support person.

A birth doula provides support to the laboring woman/couple in three ways: informational support, emotional support, and physical support.

(Oh and please note that in this article we refer to the birthing woman’s partner as the “dad/husband”, but we realize that some moms to be are also single, or in a same-sex relationship, or in an unmarried partnership. No problem – we are happy to support anyone.)

Birth Doulas do not perform medical tasks. In other words, they do not deliver babies (that’s what midwives and doctors do), nor do they perform clinical tasks such as monitoring baby’s heart rate or checking the cervix for progress during labor.

A birth doula is someone who can help you navigate the territory of labor and birth and help you have a satisfying and empowering birth experience.

Our services range from $600-$850 for Birth Support (and it is worth every penny!) We have payment plans and some flexibility/cost options, so please inquire.  Here in Utah, Doula services range from free (for brand new doulas who have little or NO experience – beware…) to $900. You get what you pay for. Don’t do a rookie doula a favor by “letting” her attend your birth for practice! You deserve the skill and and guidance that a only an experienced, professional doula can offer!

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of our doula services for your birth, please fill out this request form and we’ll get right back to you!

Frequently asked questions about hiring a birth doula:

Why would I hire a doula? Isn’t my husband the support person?

Of course your husband is a support to you in labor. A doula does not replace your husband or undermine his important role and presence in your labor. A doula supports BOTH of you.  Sometimes as women we forget that the husband is having a baby too; he is emotionally involved, invested, and concerned for the well-being of mom and baby. He needs support too.

Plus, your husband does not have mad skills and lots of experience supporting women in labor. :) We do the “dirty work” – we take the pressure off of dad to know what to do or to know what is going on. We support BOTH of you.

In fact…. the secret is…. the doula is often for the DAD! Men hate feeling powerless and useless. In birth, men often feel powerless and useless. We don’t want that. It’s often the dad that throws his arms around us after the birth and says, with tears in his eyes, “THANK YOU… I would have DIED without your help!”

What exactly does a doula do?

Simply put, doctors and nurses worry about the baby and the uterus; a doula takes care of the laboring woman’s heart and mind and is concerned for her emotional experience of birth. You could also think of a doula as an extra pair of TRAINED hands who knows what to do and say to help a woman through labor and birth.

Birth is a sacred experience. In a hospital, it can be a very medical, clinical experience. As a doula, we provide whatever support is needed throughout the entire course of labor, which usually starts at home, through birth itself, and usually stay until mom is complete with birth (placenta, etc.), stable, and baby is latched on well and nursing.

We help empower birthing women/couples to be educated about their options. We provide information needed to make clear choices and to be well supported during the process.

We work for YOU, not for a hospital with policies, beaurocracies, and liabilities. We are therefore able to be an advocate for YOU, and help you have the kind of experience giving birth that you envision.

Watch this short video addressing what training and qualifications doulas have.

Aren’t the nurses and/or doctors supposed to provide support?

Rebecca and one of her "clients"

Rebecca and one of her “clients”

Ah, my favorite question. Many first-time parents have the idea that they are going to waltz into the hospital upon a woman’s water breaking and just “have a baby”. I liken this to walking into an airport and just hopping on a any airplane and expecting to arrive 4 hours later in New York City. It just doesn’t work like that.

We have worked with AMAZING doctors and nurses, and we have also been HORRIFIED by a few. Please understand that hospitals are bound by rules and regulations that ultimately serve THEIR interests (think: massive liability malpractice insurance) – they can not and do not always do what the mother/couple “wants”.

Consider that hospitals are set up to maximize convenience for the staff, not comfort for the mom. We have seen midwives rush through procedures simply because they have another mom ready to push a baby out in the next room. We have seen some doctors literally take over with little input from the patient. We have heard some nurses say the stupidest, most inappropriate, fear-inducing comments to women in labor in an effort to get the woman to comply with their wishes.  We have seen couples inadvertently hijack their own birth plan by making unwise choices early in labor. (I’ve also worked with really incredible, caring, amazing, respectful doctors, nurses, and midwives! The point is… sometimes you just never know who’s going to show up at your birth! When you hire a doula, she is the ONE person you can count on to be there for you!)

You don’t choose your nurse. You get whomever is assigned to you and you may not like that nurse. Nurses change shifts and manage several patients. They are there to make sure you don’t die, and to perform certain procedures routinely such as charting, blood pressure checks, etc. They aren’t there to “take care” of you and provide continuous support to you.

Also, if you are working with a physician, please know there is a pretty good chance he or she will not actually be there to deliver the baby. Regardless, a physician only arrives when you are pushing, or earlier if there are problems requiring consultation.

Sometimes even the best of plans take an unforseen detour. It breaks my heart when we hear that a birth was traumatic or disappointing for a woman or couple. We try to spare our clients from any negative experiences and make sure that they choices they have to make are THEIR choices. As doulas, we advocate for the woman and for the couple. We help women stay out of the way of unnecessary medical interventions and help them to feel comfortable with chosen or necessary ones.

We also sometimes help interpret into plain english what medical staff says in medical terminology.

We typically ask our doula clients to keep us updated after each of their prenatal care appointments with their doctor or midwife.  Watch this video explaining how much contact we typically have with my clients. (Bear in mind, if you are also seeing us for massage during your pregnancy, we will have even MORE contact!)

We ask our doula clients to call us as soon as they are showing signs that they MIGHT be in labor, or if they know for certain they are in labor. We will go to the laboring couple’s home as soon as they are ready for support.

We will help the mom labor in effective positions to optimize contractions and help her be as comfortable as possible. We help her cope with the intense sensations of labor by providing massage, acupressure, essential oils and other means of comfort. We make sure she is staying hydrated by encouraging sips of water between contractions. We help her stay connected with and relaxed in her body as it labors. We help her be calm and courageous and confident in her body’s ability to give birth. We help the couple decide when it is time to go to the hospital (if that’s part of the plan… or birth center… or when it’s time to call the midwife to come over for a home birth.)

Most first-time parents don’t realize that if they are birthing in a hospital staff, there is no dedicated support person to help you. Nurses change shifts, check on other patients, and so forth. Labor can be looooong and slooooow and boring or crazy and stressful. Some dads feel like they just need to go take a nap, but they feel guilty at the thought of leaving their partner in labor. A doula can stay and provide support if dad wants or needs a break.

One of my clients sent me this picture. Awesome!

Some things we have done on the job as birth doula:

  • Monitor contractions, interpret labor patterns
  • Help to determine how labor is progressing or how far along mom is in labor
  • Ran to get food for the couple, or coffee for dad, batteries for the camera, etc.
  • Taken pictures or video
  • Supported one of mom’s legs during pushing
  • Kept mom focused during transition (the most intense part of labor)
  • Reminded parents of their birth preferences when medical staff goes on “auto pilot” and forgets the express wishes of the couple
  • Provided massage therapy for feet, back, hips, neck, shoulders on an as-needed basis during labor
  • Provide calming relaxing music during labor, essential oils, honey sticks, coconut water, snacks and such
  • Leave as needed if the couple wants alone time
  • Take notes throughout the whole birth and provide a written “report” for the couple
  • Helped with proper breastfeeding techniques
  • Taught parents how to swaddle their baby the way my midwife taught me
  • Asked chatty, inconsiderate medical staff to please be quiet during contractions
  • Pay attention the mood and environment in the room – dim the lights, adjust the thermostat, make sure mom is positioned comfortably in bed or wherever she is laboring
  • Helped take care of older siblings during labor and birth
  • Help moms find effective positions in which to labor, so that their pelvis has as much space as possible to move baby down
  • Crouched in the back seat of a car with a mom ready to push, helping her slow her body down until we got to the hospital
  • Grabbed and held barf buckets, gotten and applied cold compresses, provide emotional support during the most intense parts of birth and helped her stay grounded, helped dads participate when they don’t know what to do, provided support and reassurance to parents during emergency procedures.

…As doulas, we’ve pretty much done it all, and we love it. It’s joyful, it’s intense, it’s beautiful. It’s invigorating and breathtaking and always a deep honor to support a woman in birth.

The shortest we’ve been at a birth is 20 minutes. The longest…. 54 hours.

Supporting a woman in labor is at LEAST a two person job!

We often say that we attend births for free…what we charge for is the price for being on call for you, 24/7, from the moment you hire us.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of doula services for your birth, please fill out this request form and we’ll schedule an initial 30 minute conversation to see if our services might be a good fit for you.

Regardless, we’d love to provide any information, referrals, and resources that would be helpful for you to have a powerful birth experience!


What our clients have to say about Jessica Campbell:

“One thing I realized early on was that I would do everything I could to have a natural, drug free childbirth. When we met Jessica, she was an instant fit for us. She helped us through every contraction and every push, encouraging and cheering us along the way that we were just one contraction, one push closer to meeting our little boy.

The midwives all complimented us on how beautiful of a delivery we had. They told us they were so refreshed to see a delivery “the way it was supposed to be.” I give the credit to Jessica for supporting us and guiding us through the hardest and most amazing life experience I have encountered. I recommend her 10 times over. We will absolutely be using her the next time around!” -Kristin Mullen

“Having Jessica there for my wife as our son’s big day drew closer was very comforting for the both of us. Her knowledge of the childbirth process and calmness during the anxious days of waiting gave us comfort. With her guidance I was able to both physically and emotionally support my wife. With her support and calmness we were able to labor at home.

I can’t say it enough, but having Jessica to help support us allowed me to relax and help my wife though labor.Being able to support my wife though the entire labor was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and without Jessica’s support I know I would not have remained calm, and I will always be thankful for her role in our son’s birthday.” -Travis Mullen

“Finding Jessica was a blessing!  She was the perfect fit for my husband and me!  I could ask her anything throughout my pregnancy and she always had detailed, evidence based answers for me.  She was a great support throughout my pregnancy.  I cannot put into words how much she helped me with her knowledge and comfort in my time of need.

She took care in ensuring that our birth plan was followed as closely as possible and she was the enforcer so I could focus on contractions and pushing.  Most importantly, she made it a priority to always make sure I was as comfortable as possible!

Jessica is truly passionate about her job, remains on top of scientific studies, and has the intelligence to make you feel confident in her hands.  On top of it all, she is great at supporting you!  With her support I was able to accomplish something I thought I might not be able to do.  She’s the best of the best, plain and simple.” -Monica Erekson

 ”My favorite part of having a doula was it was about me and what I wanted; Jessica never pressured me into what she may have felt was right. She just guided me, with right advice based on my desires and backed with informational sources.One of my other favorite parts of having a doula was the last visit when we went over birthing positions. It was so helpful during labor and helped my husband know what to do and when.

Having a doula helped me feel like my parenting style mattered and what I wanted was truly being listened to and guided in the direction I wanted. Jessica helped me weed out the information that wasn’t for me and use what I felt was important for me and my family.I know the moment Jessica showed up during labor I just felt more at ease. She helped make sure I had everything I asked for, especially my husband right next to me.”  -Elisha Blade

What our clients have to say about Emily Steadman: 

“I wouldn’t change anything about my labor experience, even though it didn’t exactly go according to plan. My doula, Emily Steadman, made sure that everything that could go as I had wanted it to did. She was very reassuring throughout my pregnancy and the labor process…from early morning phone calls leading to false labor to using all of her strength and then some on pressure points to relieve my pain during contractions. I truly believe that she would have done ANYTHING to make this experience a positive one for me. With a wealth of knowledge and a willingness to learn more I can’t imagine a better candidate. Thank you so much, Emily, for the start you gave in my daughter’s life. We are a blessed family just for having known you.”  Sasha L – first time mom, Sandy Utah

“As the acting Doula for the birth of my second child, Emily Steadman proved herself to be a competent and compassionate support during and surrounding the time of birth. I was grateful to have Emily as my advocate during this important time of life. Emily has a great ability to sufficiently answer questions and set the mind at ease. She is intelligent, and experienced. Not only was she able to draw from the fountain of information her mind has acquired, but she has had exposure to the hospital world and knew what to expect during the actual event. I have also been impressed at Emily’s ability to listen to what I really wanted out of the delivery experience. She was an advocate for me and helped to orchestrate events so that I was able to have what I wanted with out upsetting the medical staff.I felt that the experience of giving birth couldn’t have gone better and I attribute much of that to Emily’s efforts. I would highly recommend Emily as a Doula!”
-Jennifer F, Mother of 2
Orem Utah

What our clients have to say about Terra Henderson:

“Terra attended to me during all three of my births. My first Birth was at the age of 15 and I had made an adoption plan for my child. Terra was there with me every step of the way, emotionally and physically. She also attended my next two Births. They were all  amazingly beautiful experiences that I wouldn’t change a thing about. Terra helped me stay focused, on track, and as close to my Birth Plan as possible. I would highly recommend her!”
Haley Kirkpatrick
“Thanks so much for you help Terra! You being there gave my husband the confidence he needed.”
- First-time mom to a baby girl
“Terra has been with me through 2 of my births. I drew upon her knowledge consistently through my labor. Through each contraction she would breathe with me and help me remember what an amazing process I was working through. When my second baby turned positions suddenly she had a plethora of ideas to get him back to where he needed to be. She made both births very unique and beautiful.”
M.S.,  Mother of 3 boys
“Terra puts so much time and training into making sure a dad is ready for anything that comes up. She made sure I was included and active during all parts of my partners labor”
Tim, first time dad
What our clients have to say about Rebecca Overson:

“It took me awhile to find a doula.  Nobody felt exactly right for me.  I had a unique situation and I really needed a doula that could be there for me not only as emotional and physical support, but as my birth partner.  So, what I was asking of the doula I hired, seemed to me, to be quite a bit.   The circumstances that led me to Rebecca were serendipitous to say the least.  When my birthing teacher mentioned her name, for some reason, I knew that Rebecca was supposed to be my doula.  At the time, I didn’t exactly understand why.  But, months later during my 52.5 hours of labor, I knew exactly why Rebecca was perfect for me.

It was a long, painful, challenging, emotional, and incredible labor and delivery. During the first 14 hours, Rebecca was there for me through texts and phone calls, keeping a vigilant eye on my progress and continually asking for updates and for what I needed.  She joined me in person at 14 hours into my labor and stayed with me until hour 53.  She worked tirelessly for over 36 hours.  36 HOURS!  And for most of the 36 hours, Rebecca was applying counterpressure to my back, because my labor pains were so bad there.  All I can say, is that woman is strong.  So strong.  I would constantly say, “push harder Rebecca” and she would.  I know she gave it all she had.  And when I told her days after my baby was born, I couldn’t have done it without her, I meant it.  I really could not have.  I remember there was one point where she needed to run out and grab something from her car and I wouldn’t let her go.  I needed her there every second.  Just knowing she was there created a sense of safety for me.  I knew if she was there supporting me, applying pressure to my back, and giving me words of encouragement and coaching, I could make it through the next contraction.    She was always positive, always alert, always strong for me.   I will be forever grateful that Rebecca was there for that incredible experience.  She is a truly compassionate, kind, intelligent, and strong woman.   To me, Rebecca is the perfect doula.”
~S.M.P., first-time Mom.  Kaysville, Utah

I was lucky enough to have both Marianne and Rebecca as my doulas for the birth of my baby boy. I was induced and a bit nervous about going natural with the Pitocin, but the second my doulas arrived I instantly felt at peace and ready for however the birth would happen.

It was my first time meeting Marianne, but with her friendly and kind personality I instantly felt comfortable around her. There’s a quote that says your doula should make you feel like a birthing goddess and that is definitely true of these two ladies! Marianne’s genuine compliments and encouragement helped me to feel more sure of myself and to trust my body more fully.

During early labor, my doulas were such a soothing presence. They massaged my feet as the nurse put the IV in – a much needed distraction. They also massaged pressure points to help with the contractions. Marianne was an absolute lifesaver as I progressed into active labor. Her rhythmic squeezing of my shoulders and massaging up and down my arms helped to ease the intensity of the strong contractions. They worked as a team, Rebecca helping me focus and Marianne doing hands-on work. They are fantastic doulas and I am so happy that I got to have both of them at my birth.

~Taralyn Parker
Orem, Utah
mom of three

“Marianne and Rebecca, I saw your client the day after her birth and she recounted your amazing efforts to help her–and I truly believe she couldn’t have a vaginal birth without your wisdom, care, and patience. I’m so glad to have had the chance to see you work and get a glowing recommendation for future doula referrals! Thanks and I hope to work with you again soon.” ~TL, Certified Nurse Midwife, U of U Hospital

“Rebecca, I just wanted to write you and let you know that we are SO grateful for your help yesterday with the birth of our son. We could not have done that without you… in no way, shape, or form! Henry’s doing well now and he and mama are resting. We are so grateful to you for your skill and knowledge.”
R.V., first-time dad, Salt Lake City Utah

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