Kristen Tesch
Licensed Massage Therapist, Birth Doula (DONA)

(801) 376-4793

Kristen has been around birth her whole life with a midwife as a mother. She even assisted her mom at the birth of her younger brother! It wasn't until after she began working at SLC Prenatal Massage as an LMT that she really became interested in becoming a birth worker. She gave birth to both her daughters at home.

"During my employment as a maternity massage specialist, my eyes have been opened to this amazing world of pregnancy, birth, and women… I am continually honored and humbled to serve women in this time of life."

Jessica Campbell
Birth Doula

(801) 859-6633

Jessica has been a certified doula since 2013 and is a board member of the Utah Doula Association. She completed her doula internship with Claire Stanley, RN, and received her Associates of Health Science from Salt Lake Community College in 2014. She has two children and is currently accepting clients for hospital, home or birth center births.

"I believe that every woman knows what she wants when it comes to her birth. We all have an inner voice that speaks to our desires, and those become much more apparent when we become pregnant. Each woman is different and, therefore, each birth desire is going to be different and create a different story for each new baby coming into the world. My passion lies with educating each parent to the point where they can make informed decisions about what the want for the birth of their baby and why. No matter where you decide to birth your baby. it will be your story and it will be a happy ending because it was what was written for you. Being an active part of making the decisions for the birth of your child is extremely important. Your baby, your birth, your choice."

Terra Maynes
Birth Doula (DONA)

(801) 577-1895

Terra has been attending births since 2006. She is mother to two children - a cesarean birth and a vaginal birth after cesarean. She is passionate about helping mothers and fathers become active participants in their births.

"Birth in Natural, it is primal and it is the most sacred experience we will ever witness. A woman should be able to dig deep and find a goddess she did not even know existed and show her true most powerful self as she births her child. In order for this to happen birth needs to be respected, and families need a support system behind them 100%."

Raven Haymond
CD (DONA), Birthing From Within Mentor

Doula Raven
(801) 406-9093

Raven works with families from Bountiful to Riverton to create positive, satisfying and empowering birth experiences. Raven is a DONA certified birth doula and a Birthing from Within mentor and very familiar with HypnoBirthing and HypnoBabies. Whether you're planning a homebirth, a birth center birth, or a hospital birth, she supports you and your choices. Raven works in partnership with Ashlie Hashimoto and they charge $800 for their doula services. She also mentors Birthing from Within classes. More information about both services can be found on her website.

Karina Robinson
Doula, PES

Peaceful Deliveries, LLC
(470) 236-852

Karina Robinson is the owner of Peaceful Deliveries, LLC. She helps families from Logan to Lehi.  She is a mother to two wonderful children.  She believes that pregnancy, labor, and postpartum are vulnerable times for both you and your partner and that you should feel supported throughout this period, regardless of where or how you birth. She wants you to feel educated about your birth and help you feel like birth is a natural, normal process. As Jane Weideman said, “Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.”

She loves helping partners be included in the birth experience, as far as they're comfortable. She wants partners to feel like they can help you through labor, and not just sit back and watch you “suffer”.  She believes your partner has an intimate knowledge of you and she has an intimate knowledge of birth; together we make the ultimate team.

She is very knowledgeable about and has personal and professional experience in high-risk pregnancies and VBACs and knows what options you really have.  She is also very knowledgeable about breastfeeding and is trained to help you get your first latch.  She is very familiar with The Bradley and Hypnobirthing Methods and is working toward her certification as a HypnoDoula! 

In addition to birth doula services, she specialize in placenta encapsulation and Bengkung belly binding.  You deserve a positive birth experience and she would love to help you achieve one. She would be so honored to be a part of your amazing birth experience and help you strive for the birth you want and deserve.  Reserve your peaceful delivery today!

Sue Crowder
Birth Doula

Sacred Feathered Nest
(801) 558-4331

"I believe that pregnancy and birth are among the most sacred experiences a woman can have. It is my honor to witness women in their most powerful and vulnerable moments and hold space for them as they transition into motherhood. As a doula I've learned one simple truth: women are strong." 

Sue Crowder is a Birth Doula and a Sacred Pregnancy Instructor, and is training to become a certified yoga instructor. Her goal is to help women have their desired birth experience, no matter their birth preferences. Sue has supported births across the spectrum from home water birth to planned cesarean. She believes there is a beauty and power to any birth situation if the woman feels loved, supported, and strong.

Julia Jeffery
Certified Birth, Postpartum & Bereavement Doula,
Certified Newborn Care Specialist

Wasatch Doulas, LLC
(801) 913-6830

"As a birth doula, I specialize in medicated and unmedicated hospital births. Clients that may have a personal or pregnancy related diagnosis. I also am experienced in supporting clients wanting a VBAC. I have worked in the hospital and healthcare system for 20 years and I help to bridge the communication gap between the hospital staff and my clients. 
As a postpartum doula, I provide day and overnight support to families. Each client has very customized needs and I tailor each of my services accordingly. I also offer sleep consulting and teach parents gentle sleep solutions for the whole family. 
As a bereavement doula, I have a large amount of resources and support services. Please contact me for details."

Wasatch Doulas is a full service doula group that provides a wide range of options for their clients. From antenatal (prenatal), birth, postpartum support, sleep consulting with day and overnight support, they provide everything you need for emotional and physical support of the whole family before, during and after baby comes. Julia has the added bonus of being a Newborn Care Specialist so she really understands some of the complex things that may be happening during the first 3 months after birth.