What you need to know before your first session: 

1) Always plan to arrive 5-10 mins early. The start time of your appointment is when we want you ON the massage table. If you are late, your massage has started without you and will still end on time. Please help us give you the full session you are paying for by being early. 

2) Your NEW CLIENT INTAKE FORM needs to be filled out at least 24 hours in advance of your session. If you've misplaced the original email with your form link in it, you can find it below to get it finished and submitted. Otherwise we have to take time out of your session to do this, and we'd rather not do that!

2) What to wear: You will undress completely for your session and you will be covered securely the whole time, and we will uncover only the part being worked as it is being worked. We prefer not to work around or over clothing. (Leave undies on if you have a good reason to.)

3) Most people get lost finding us the first time. Please don't get lost on your way. GPS will often lead you astray, so please follow these instructions:

  • Our address is 404 East 4500 South Suite. A22, Murray, Utah, 84107.

    • We are on the south side of 4500 South.

    • Look for two Brown twin professional office buildings.

    • We are in the north building.

    • We have a sign out by the street on the east side of our building, up in the east parking lot. LOOK for that as well.

  • We have parking access on the east or the west side of us, we are accessible through both parking lots.

  • We are located on the 2nd floor towards the east side of the building right by the stairs.

  • You can take the stairs OR the walk way entrance from the east parking lot on the south end.

4) Tipping:  is optional but always appreciated. If you choose to tip, 15-20% gratuity of the full, undiscounted cost of the service is the industry standard. Cash is appreciated, and we can always run a tip on your credit card.

5) All clients agree to give at least 24 hours notice for cancellations/rescheduling. (You sign an intake form stating this.)

Make sure the email you received upon booking your session is accurate and that your calendar matches ours.

Respond to the text/email sent 48 hours in advance to confirm your appointment, or let us know immediately if you need to change or cancel.

6) if you have any of THESE HIGH RISK pregnancy conditions, please get a note from your doctor or midwife regarding massage PRIOR to your visit to our office:

  • Surface blood clots or history of clotting issues

  • Cardiac disorders or disease

  • Previous major surgery on organs or organ transplant

  • Carrying triplets or more

  • Illegal Drug exposure during pregnancy

  • HIV Positive

(Note: Any other high-risk conditions are no problem for us.) 

 7) We do not recommend massage if you are CURRENTLY experiencing any of the following:

  • Threat of miscarriage - current bleeding, spotting, hemorrhaging

  • Active Infectious or contagious disease

  • Premature labor (labor prior to 37 weeks) -- but we can work with women on bed rest.

  • Fever, Nausea, or Diarrhea

  • GEPH (Pre-eclampsia)

  • Toxemia (eclampsia)

  • No regular fetal movement felt for 8-10 hours and you are concerned about it

  • Severe, unexplained abdominal pain

  • Throbbing/Migraine headache

  • Kidney and/or bladder disease or infection

  • Cancer or undiagnosed lumps

  • Any active inflammatory disease affecting blood vessels

  • Diabetes - with active complications

  • Breast infection with fever

Please notify our office, or your massage therapist before your session, if you develop any new health conditions or symptoms, no matter how minor.

Cancellations/Rescheduling Policy:

**Please ensure you have read this section; you will agree to it when you sign your client information form.**

We have reserved your appointment time JUST for you.

We require at least 24 hours notice for any cancellation/rescheduling. Call us at 801-784-6511 anytime and leave a message. Or email info@slcprenatalmassage.com.

If a true emergency presents itself that conflicts with your appointment, we ask that you notify us immediately through any medium necessary. You can email  us at any time of day or night, or make a phone call and leave a voice message any time during normal waking hours, but it is your responsibility to ensure you have received a reply from us to confirm cancellation BEFORE your missed appointment time. 

  • Cancel/change your appointment with at least 24 hours notice: no problem, no charge.

  • Cancel/change within 24 hours of your appointment for any reason: $40 cancellation fee, or 50% of the full session rate (whichever is greater.) You can avoid this by sending someone in your place! If we are able to fill the appointment: no charge.

  • Cancel/change your appointment within 2 hours: Full charge, unless we can rebook that slot.

  • No show, no notice: if you simply do not show up for any reason, with no notice, we will charge your card on file for the session.

  • IF YOU ARE IN LABOR: minimum 5 hours notice required to cancel your appointment.

  • IF YOU ARE IN LABOR and don't notify us and don't show up, we will charge the card on file the full rate for the session.

  • IF YOU ARE IN LABOR and give less than 5 hours notice, we will charge the card on file the cancellation fee -$40 cancellation fee, or 50% of the full session rate (whichever is greater.) You can avoid this by sending someone in your place! If we are able to fill the appointment: no charge and or unless we can fill your vacancy.

If you have circumstances that you  feel deserve special consideration, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can decide whether or not to make an exception to this policy.

A note on Prepaid Sessions: All payments including prepaid packages, sessions, or gift certificates are non-refundable and always expire ONE YEAR from purchase. Any requests for refunds or extensions are issued at the sole discretion of Salt Lake Prenatal Massage. You may use prepaid, unexpired sessions at any time before, during, or after pregnancy, or they can be used by a friend or family member, male or female.

Your safety, comfort, and satisfaction is important. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thanks so much - we look forward to making your life a little easier!