SLC Prenatal Massage Classroom Rental

We are very proud to say we have a beautiful 700sq ft studio available to rent for classes and/or events! The space is easily accessible from Highland Drive, has large, bright windows and was newly renovated with beautiful flooring and its cleanliness is very well maintained. 


Resources available for use:
• TV, DVD Player (mobile - on rolling cart)
• CD Player
• Yoga Balls
• 20 Back Jacks (floor seats) & cushions
• Clean, public Restroom (across the hall)

Classroom rental fees are $30 per hour of use (including set up and clean up time) unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, with a two-hour minimum. Payment in full is required at least two weeks before the event date unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

What You Can Expect From Us:
Your class information will be listed on our website, calendar, and facebook page. Please provide a brief description, bio, and all information you would like us to post, as far in advance as possible. We are happy to put out flyers, business cards, etc. Please provide these as far in advance as possible.

We will make announcements on our Facebook page at least once a week for six weeks, but we ask that YOU prompt us to do this by providing the information you would like us to post. Please send an email to, and she will post it for you.

We are helping advertise for you and referring our clients to you, and we love it when you do the same for us! Please be sure to mention Salt Lake City Prenatal Massage when discussing services we offer (ie: pain relief, acupressure for labor stimulation, doula services, etc.). We would love to come into your class to discuss any of our services in more detail. We also have unlimited massage coupons to give to your attendees.

STEP ONE: Fill out and submit the rental agreement below.

STEP TWO: Pay your rental fee at least two weeks in advance of your event or class start date. 

Pay Classroom Rental Fee(s)