Hailey Maloney
Birth Educator

Birth Utah
(801) 833-4242

After giving birth to her first daughter at a local birth center, Hailey decided to share her passion about empowered, informed birth with other parents by training as a childbirth educator. Since then, she has had two more natural deliveries in the water at her home. Her recent experiences with pregnancy and birth (and current breastfeeding experience) help her to connect to what her clients are experiencing and help them to find the resources they need.

Hailey's motto is "Empowering Parents Through Childbirth Education.” She believes that there is no single “right” way to birth (or parent) your baby, but instead her goal is for parents to be informed about the options they have so they can make the best decisions for their own unique situation.

Hailey's up-to-date, comprehensive classes include:
-prenatal wellness (exercise, nutrition)
-understanding how labor works
-relaxation & natural coping strategies
-techniques for making informed decisions
-positions for each stage of labor
-creating your ideal birth plan
-postpartum recovery tips
-basics of newborn care
-introduction to babywearing
-getting started with breastfeeding
….and more!

The last class includes a “labor rehearsal” to review and prepare you for the big day! This class is appropriate for those planning to birth in a hospital, in a birth center, or at home.

Contact Hailey or check out Birth Utah on Facebook or www.BirthUtah.com to see the latest class schedule and register!