The secret is in the sauce...

The secret... Is in the sauce. The sauce is our relationships and the secret ingredient is just how much we actually care for our clients. One of our regular male clients recently told us he thinks we are "Utah's best kept secret!" I asked him to elaborate and he said "well, I would never have come here if my wife hadn't been pregnant and tried it out first, being told you guys take male clients. Now I'll never go anywhere else. My experiences here have been better than any other massage business, and I've had A LOT of massages. Everyone should know about it. You guys are the best." I wasn't terribly surprised to hear this, as we receive feedback just like his on a regular basis. It really made me think, though, about just how far our business had come in the last few years. Rebecca started it on her own with just a few clients and built it into the best massage therapy practice in Utah! People are still surprised every day about our regular acceptance of clients who aren't pregnant, including men. I asked Rebecca to elaborate some thoughts on the subject, and here you have it...

...I might be bragging.

Or I might just be a super proud mama of this baby I birthed called “SLC Prenatal Massage.” Word on the street is we are Utah’s experts in prenatal and postpartum massage therapy and you really shouldn’t waste time or money getting “prenatal massage” elsewhere in this valley.

I mean, massage therapy for the special population of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood is totally OUR THING.

It’s no secret that we have mad skills in this arena.

But… we do have ONE secret:

Our massage therapists actually work on everyone.

Seriously. Men, non-pregnant women, teens, kids…. Pregnancy is not required to get a massage here. Heck, a UTERUS isn't even required to get a massage here.

The secret is that Salt Lake Prenatal Massage is the best place for massage therapy in Utah, period. Don’t bother with spas, or strip-mall locations, and certainly don’t go to those dodgy late night massage places with people that don’t speak any English or have pictures of their scantily clad “relaxation specialists” - unless you want to be disappointed. (Or arrested.) Nothing against non-native English speakers - it’s just that most of them aren’t licensed (which is illegal) and most of them, um, might give you more than a massage. (At best, a communication barrier is really hard to overcome, considering the fact that communication is one of the most important factors to getting a great massage.)

Guys, I have been a licensed massage therapist for 21 years now. That is more than half of my entire life. I have zero tolerance for mediocre massage. It’s, like, worse than a bad haircut.

About ten years into my career, I had a pretty good grasp of what clients want and appreciate, even though needs and preferences vary greatly from client to client. I was completely confident in my ability to be fully present with each client, and deliver fantastic massage therapy and bodywork 99.9% of the time. Massage, for me, is meditation. I work in the zone. It’s the best.


I tried not to let it go to my head - it is a joy for me to serve people. But I heard comments like that so many times that I let my low self esteem fall away and just accepted that I really was good. I had mastery over something.

I love to serve. I love to contribute. I love to help. Most massage therapists are givers, nurturers, and healers.

And then, something super scary happened….

My business grew... And grew... Which meant I had to hire people that would be helping me work on MY CLIENTS. MY CLIENTS!

My clients…. they had an expectation… they knew I would deliver fantastic results every time. How on earth could I trust a massage therapist with 2 years experience, or five or ten, or even right out of school, to, well, be as good as I was? (Totally not humble there, but, you know what I’m saying???)

I was busy. I needed backup. I needed sick days and personal days. I needed to trust other massage therapists to help me with my client load.

BUT how on earth could I NOT work on my clients? How could I expect any other therapist to deliver what I could consistently deliver? I would estimate that 1 in 20 therapists I interviewed TRULY blew me away with their skills, approach, and demeanor. The rest were either as good as I’d expect for their level of experience, or just downright mediocre. Some are gifted… and some need a LOT of refining.

So to make a long story shorter - I created some hacks.

I trained - and still train - my staff in the secrets of WHAT MAKES A MASSAGE FANTASTIC and what clients truly want. This is based on 21 years of experience, feedback, and learning. I can take a pretty “average” massage therapist and coach them to deliver amazing bodywork in a very short period of time.

The result is that they are able to deliver that AWESOMENESS to anyone who walks through our doors - pregnant or not. I guarantee our client satisfaction - I’m THAT confident with my staff. (And I’m all ears if you have a less-than-fantastic massage at our clinic.)

To me, the ultimate test is what my FAMILY thinks when they come to my clinic. Why? My family is very big, and very educated, outspoken and honest. Also, I have been working on them for 20 years and shaping their expectations of what good bodywork feels like. They have all become picky, picky, picky, discriminating connoisseurs of massage therapy and bodywork! And if they don’t like something, they will say it to your face.

Last night at a family party my brother in law told me “I had the BEST massage on Friday from Amy. Seriously - she is gifted. It was so good.”

I’m so happy to know I have been replaced! SO HAPPY!

Another brother in law - who has had MASTER bodyworkers work on him - thinks Celeste is THE BOMB.

Another sister said, “I had a beeeeeautiful massage from Joanna today.”

My cousin and his wife wanted massages and messaged me, somewhat apologetically, asking if we did couples massages even though they aren’t expecting. (yes! we do!) They booked for the following Saturday. This is the message I got afterwards:

“We had our massages today and oh man were they fantastic!! Seriously… BEST massage I’ve ever had. We will be regulars.”

Another sister - who used to be super mean to me growing up - ha! - wrote this review on Yelp. (As I sit and write this article, she’s actually in our office getting a treatment for her 16-year-old daughter who has cerebral palsy and spina bifida.)

First things first, the owner is my sister. Rebecca has been in the field of bodywork since she was 18 years old and has been passionate about supporting women through pregnancy and delivery for decades. She is extremely knowledgeable about women's bodies, pregnancy and delivery. I have attended births with her where she has been the Doula and her skills, knowledge and know-how are extraordinary.

I started getting massages here a month ago. I am not pregnant. They provide services for women who are pregnant and for women who are not pregnant, and for men, and teens, and children. I had been chasing down local Groupons in search of great massages. I had some real nightmare experiences! Finally, my sister said why "don't you come to Salt Lake Prenatal?" I guess I hadn't thought of it because I'm not pregnant.

They offer recurring weekly scheduling at an amazing price. My sister is not the one who's been massaging me. So, I do think I can offer a fair and unbiased review.

I have seen Sky and Celeste. Both were fabulous! They're very professional and conscientious when draping you. There are few things I hate more than wondering if my body parts are exposed from the sheets. This has never been the case at Salt Lake Prenatal.

Celeste uses her hands in a way that is nothing short of artistic!

They absolutely want your feedback, especially if there's something they can do right then to adjust and make you more comfortable.

PS: the weekly appointments don't have to be used by the same person. My husband and I switch off week to week.

So there you have it folks, the word is out. We will take you as a client regardless of pregnancy status or gender or age. You don’t have to settle for mediocre massage therapy - we wouldn’t want you to!

P.S. oh heeeeey…...My 17 year old niece just finished her session with Skye! This is the text she sent:  Oh. Ma. Gosh. I feel SO good! :) That was da bomb!!