Big changes are afoot... Here's the scoop!


Today, we share an extra special post with you.

It is chock full of little nuggets and we're so excited to share our new adventure with those who make our business exactly what it is... YOU! This post is lengthy. If you can get through the whole thing and shoot us an email at telling us you did so with THREE things you learned or thought were cool, we'll send you a GIFT as a thank you! That's how important this information is! We want you to read it thoroughly and hopefully bribery is the way to go in this case, ha ha!

Let's get started...

Scheduling system OVERHAUL

We're trading in our relationship with MindBody for something newer and nicer: WellnessLliving! What does this mean for YOU as a client? Read on...  


WellnessLiving does not yet have a mobile app - but it is in the works and should be released soon. We'll be sure to let you know when that happens! In the meantime, there's not a whole lot about the system that's different from MindBody. You will still have the same login as before, your visit history and purchases still show and as a cool bonus, your reward points are PART of your client profile now (we're ditching Perkville, too)! I'll outline how this change will happen for you.

Tomorrow, you will receive an email from WellnessLiving that says "Say HELLO to our new scheduling system!" This email is VERY VERY important! Why? It contains your username (which transferred over from MindBody) and a link to set up your password. Once you take this action and login for the first time, all of your past visits, membership information, contact information and purchases (including prepaid sessions and gift certificates) will auto-populate into your new WellnessLiving profile! The only thing that will NOT transfer over is your stored cc information. This just means that next time you book a massage, you'll be required to give a cc number (just like your first visit with us) for us to keep on your file. 

Another bonus: we're ditching Perkville (our loyalty rewards program) - but you'll still have all your points! WellnessLiving has a better rewards system, built right into your client profile. So accessing your points and rewards doesn't require visiting yet another website, it will simply be housed under your login in WellnessLiving. 

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call, text or email us and we will do our best to help! Please be patient as we are bound to get many questions, meaning higher traffic and using the new system comes with a learning curve for us all. We are really excited about this change (it really comes with a great number of benefits) and hope that you are, too! 

New Services

Along with the launch of WellnessLiving, we are offering a few new appointment types and one new membership option!
Here are the details:

New 90-minute Monthly Massage Option

Along with our popular 75-minute monthly massage, we will now be offering a 90-minute option for $89/mo! So many of our monthly members have been booking their 75-minute massage with an additional 15 minutes each month, so this move seemed like a no-brainer! The membership will officially be available tomorrow, but if you'd like to get a head start, click here to fill out the agreement form (you'll need to do this whether you're switching from the 75-minute membership to the 90-minute membership OR you're enrolling for the first time to either option).

New targeted, 30-minute treatments on our menu

Our most popular time frames for massage are 60, 75 & 90 minute sessions. But every so often, we do have clients that book a 30 minute session to get some targeted pain relief in a small window of time that fits a tighter budget. So we thought, why not make it even easier and add some specialized, 30-minute session to our menu for good? And with that, we give you four new, 30-minute sessions: JUST head and neck, JUST foot massage, JUST Hands and Feet, JUST my spine. Click here to read descriptions of each service. They will be officially available tomorrow and we'll send you a special email offer to try one!

New General Manager

Some of you know that Rebecca is having a baby! And soon! So as not to have everything go haywire in her absence, we've hired some fresh management. Ok, well, she's not really new to us, per se. Nor has she been hired. But promoted! Kaesie Slinger, a lady of many hats around here, has been working for SLC Prenatal Massage behind the scenes for three years! She's demonstrated loyalty, commitment and overall mad skills, so we knew there wasn't anyone else more perfect for the job. We think she's rad and now she's our general manager so you'll be seeing a lot more of her face around the office. Yay, Kaesie!

New Therapists on Staff

We'll shout it from the rooftops - WE HAVE SO MANY THERAPISTS NOW WHICH MEANS YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT WEEKS TO GET IN FOR A MASSAGE!! This is a great thing, people! Earlier this year, we were so overbooked that we had to turn clients away, we just didn't have enough therapists for the demand that is the BEST prenatal massage in Utah. Introducing Amy, Brandy, Caroline, Clarissa & Cree. They are each AHHH-MAZ-ING. We now have eight therapists on staff - EIGHT. So give us a call because it's likely you can get in for a massage THIS week :)... maybe even TODAY!