Baby Showers

Good day to all you lovely parent(s) or parent(s) to be.  There are many things to think about and consider when it comes to preparing for the arrival of your little one or little ones.  Let’s talk about one of them.  The baby shower.  Yes, this wonderful party dedicated to your family and friends preparing and giving gifts for your child (or children).  It could be considered a pre-birthday party. However, there is a question that one may be indecisive on: Should you have the baby shower be co-ed or not?

Things To Think About

 A baby shower can be any time of day. So, you can do brunch, a tea party, a bbq, it can be a normal dinner with friends, the possibilities are endless.

Now think about who you want to invite.  Do you want kids to be there, or have more of an adult party?

Did you want to play games? Or just eat?

Do guy’s even want to come to a baby shower?

The party will become whatever the guests make it.  You can plan all you want, but once guests start to show up, their personalities will slowly start changing the party.  Who knows, you could plan a baby shower luncheon with party games, and the guys will either join or go off on their own and do their own thing.

There are many key factors to think about when planning a baby shower.  The most important though is that it should be about you, your baby, and having a fun time hanging out with your family and friends.

Random Fact:

Baby showers in the 21st century is a party or gathering made by the family or friends of the expecting mama.  In which, there are food, games, and tons of gift giving. The modern day concept of a baby shower started in the 19th century during World War II.

Going far back as the Egyptians, anything celebrating life wasn’t until after the birth.  Even then the evolution of a baby shower was peculiar. The idea of blood coming from a woman at all was considered ‘dirty’.  When a mom gave birth, her family would keep her in seclusion for a month, and no one was allowed to see her.

From there it slowly transitioned to gifts being given to the mother.  They were hand made gifts or silver given to the mother after birth. During World War II it transitioned to the women in the mother’s life would host a party or tea party.  The mom-to-be would open gifts in a decorated chair. The gifts that were given usually were items that were considered expensive for the parents-to-be to be able to afford. This usually included food and gifts for the mom.  

There is speculation that the term baby “shower” came from England, in which gifts were put into a parasol.  When the parasol was opened, the gifts would fall as if it was raining. (Sounds painful.)