We took a trip down memory lane and asked a couple of grandmas a few questions.

What was your favorite toy or activity as a child?

M: Lincoln logs, transformer, and cars.  I was a tomboy.

S: Riding horses. Playing games with my mom, and my Barbie dolls. I was an only child.

What’s one of your favorite childhood memories?

M: Going and visiting my grandpa.  I loved picking vegetables fresh out of his garden.  I also liked going camping with my grandparents.

S: Going camping with my mom.

What’s one of your favorite memories of being a mom? A grandma?

M: As a mom, watching my kids learning in general.  Watching them grow. Taking their first steps, crawling.  As a grandma, watching my kids go through the same things I went through.  -My own kids and grand kids going through the same experiences I love it. It’s Awesome.

S: As a mom, when I hold that child for the first time.  As a grandma, the hugs that I get from my grand kids.

Is there anything left on your bucket list?

M:  I want to go see Ed Sheeran in concert.  Travel more. Also, see my youngest kids and grand kids get married.  That’s probably the biggest thing.

S: Oh, yes. Travel. Travel. Travel.

What advice would you give (in general)?

M: Stuff I tell my girls are “Don’t do the stuff I did.  Just breath through it. Be patient.” Also, don’t shovel the sidewalk while it’s still snowing.

S: Try not to take life so serious, and enjoy the moment.  And take time to smell the roses.

What was your hometown like? What did people do for fun there?

M: I moved around a lot.  Salt Lake City is probably my home to me.  Growing up though. I was a coal miner’s daughter, and we lived out in the middle of nowhere.  For fun, we would just hang out with friends.

S: I was raised in the hicks.  It was a nice little town. It’s not small, but not huge.  We had drive-ins, movie theaters, skates, and we had Crazy Days.  It’s when all the stores would have all these huge sales, even stuff on the sidewalks.

Did you have any nicknames?

M: Yeah, my grandpa called me Dimples, because I have dimples.

S: BBBarth, It was Big Butt Barth is what Uncle Hughie would call me.  I was also called Rudolph because in the summer I would always have a red nose.

What was one of the most difficult moments of your life?

M: Probably losing my parents.

S: When my mother passed away.

What was something your spouse did or said that made you laugh?

M: My husband, keeps a joke book in the car’s glove box.  While driving, the kids would take it out and read it.  We also read jokes off our phone while the kids eat breakfast or while they get ready for school. Not the funniest thing but memorable.

S: Long time ago, My husband and I had a water fight. Then I went to go take a shower, and he decided to grab a big bucket of water and dump it on me.  However, I knew he was coming, so I moved out of the way, and he missed me entirely.

What is the funniest thing that one of your kids said or did?

M: My kids always do funny things.  Hmmm. I had recently moved to this house, and it had a long staircase.  It had 15 steps or so. One day I walk out of my bedroom, and at the top of the steps was one of my kids just laying there.  I literally opened my door, and said: “What are you doing?”. “I’m waiting”. After, talking with them longer I find out that they are waiting for one of their older siblings to bring this huge slinky we got so they can race it down the stairs. One of my kids had been telling yo mama jokes since he could talk.  My daughter, when she was 2 or 3, I walked into the kitchen, it was a total mess I kept repeatedly asking her who made this mess, and she kept saying the monkey did it. Now her kid is doing the exact same thing to her.

S: My 2 youngest daughters, Sarah and Wendy, will dance funky in the kitchen.