Salt Lake Prenatal Massage's New Owner

Rebecca Overson with new owner Marin Mattingly

Rebecca Overson with new owner Marin Mattingly

Dear friends, associates, colleagues, and cherished clients; Past, present and future of Salt Lake Prenatal Massage,

Hello, My name is Marin Mattingly. When I heard that Rebecca Overson was going to close Salt Lake Prenatal Massage on March 31st, 2018 my heart sank. I was over come with the deepest sadness and I just knew that I could not let Salt Lake Prenatal Massage go away just like that.

With NO hesitation on my part I contacted Rebecca and offered to carry on her legacy, maybe I begged and pleaded a little, but I love Salt Lake Prenatal and all that it represents and everything Rebecca has made it out to be and I love our clients!

I believe in Salt Lake Prenatal Massage and I know that wholeheartedly, I was meant to carry on Rebecca's and Salt Lake Prenatal's Legacy and add my loving touch from here on out.

I had the wonderful opportunity to work for and along side Rebecca and her amazing staff / my colleagues and with our amazing clients for a few years at Salt Lake Prenatal Massage.

I can not tell you, nor express how much we all love you Rebecca Overson and will truly miss you. You are truly an inspiration to all.

I am very nervously excited about my new adventure and chapter in my life and I can't wait to meet every one!

I'm a proud mama of 12, and grandma to lots of grand babies. I have a passion for helping others especially pregnant mama's and pediatrics (baby's and kid's). I love what I do, I love life, I love people, I love birth and I Love babies! .

When my daughter was expecting my first grand baby, that's when I had my "ah ha" moment. I had a strong desire to give my girls' and the future generations of mama's to come, everything I thought and felt like maybe i didn't have or didn't get or missed out on or didn't know about while I was having babies- I had a vision of what could be and knew there was more for mama's than I was aware of and I had a strong desire to go find it, learn it, become it.

In 2009 I started attending births, shortly there after I became a Child Birth Educator then immediately following I started my journey on becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Pregnancy. After graduating Myotherapy College of Utah, I met Rebecca (LOL you could say I cyber website stalked her and email stalked her. I told her I had to be apart of her team- I wasn't about to let it go. No Sirree), I joined Salt Lake Prenatal Massage, while continuing to further my education/training with specializing in Spinning Babies, Pediatric & Prenatal Cranial Sacral, also furthering my Birth Doula training and Birth Educator training over the years.

Now 9 years later here I am about to carry on the legacy of one of the most incredible and amazing ladies that I am very proud to call a dear friend AND I get to carry on the legacy of an amazing company that I am so proud of and so grateful for, and now I get to call HOME!


I am beyond grateful for the out poring love, and support from every one!

Thank you!

Marin Mattingly, LMT, CST, BBCI, Birth Doula-Birth Educator

AND NOW-New Owner of

Salt Lake Prenatal Massage