Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day Pic.jpg


I still get little goosebumps every time I'm called Mom... Yes, even when it's yelled across the house followed by, "Where are my shoes?" Or, "She won't leave me alone!" Yes, we all know it... We all hear it over and over and over. It stresses us, it amuses us, and can down-right frustrate us at times. But, still... That word... "Mom!" It gives a person chills. Hearing it, saying it -or yelling, as the case may be- always gets your heart going. That unconditional love, that woman to ground yourself in. Who doesn't need their mom? Even as we age, you hear all around the world as people call out for their mothers. Maybe you had a rough day at work... Maybe you haven't seen her in a while... Maybe she is no longer with you... Maybe you're a Mom now, and so lost and confused. Maybe, for some reason or other, your mom wasn't there growing up. You still wish for her, even if you dare not aloud.


And yet... While we all know her strength, love, and care for us, especially those of us who are mothers ourselves... It is a bit of a thankless job. And in spite of that, or because of it in many cases, we get that little thrill of being a Mom. To know that precious newborn is yours, always; even if you haven't slept in who knows how long.  To know that 8yr old with the science project due tomorrow that you just found out about; they are yours for always too. And yes, even that teenager....Yes, that one; saying she doesn't need you anymore... You remember what it was like, no matter how much you thought you didn't, you still needed her, more than you could ever imagine. And let's not forget that young man of yours, off to serve our country or off to college.... Back home a short while later, wondering why the laundry hasn't done itself.


Yes... That... The small smile on your face, remembering all your own shouts of "Mom!" It gets you, doesn't it? Gives you that jump in your heart and longing to see or hear her again. There isn't anything else like it in the world, and yet... We don't always treat it like the precious gift we should. So... Think about it... How do you celebrate the Moms in your life? How will you cherish her this Mother's Day?


-Author, My beautiful sister.  Love you Sis-

Marin Mattingly LMT/Owner Salt Lake Prenatal Massage