BEST NEWS EVER: Salt Lake Prenatal Massage is RE-OPENING soon!

Happy to announce.... that after last month's news that I was closing Salt Lake Prenatal Massage... several people approached me (Rebecca Overson) about taking over the remaining assets. I hemmed and hawed. A few of them were tenacious ... and one of them would not. let. it. go.

While my amazing massage staff has mostly ventured out on their own, and I support that - this is the unofficial announcement that SALT LAKE PRENATAL MASSAGE version 2.0 will be in a new place, a new space, with new faces, and I will be assisting in the transition period.

The new owner is a former employee, Mrs. Marin Mattingly, LMT, Maternity Massage Specialist, Pediatric Cranio-Sacral Specialist, Birth Doula, Infant Massage Instructor, Birth Educator & Spinning Babies Specialist/optimum fetal positioning guru... I can't even name all the credentials she has you guys, she's just freaking amazing.

She and her husbandJohn are the parents of twelve children, with nine grandbabies plus two more on the way. She's incredibly passionate about carrying on the legacy of Salt Lake Prenatal Massage, and plans to re-birth this massage practice within the next 60 days.

LMTs, get your job applications in :) 

Pregnant women of Utah REJOICE! YOU HAVE OPTIONS!