Valentine's Day was a hit!

We are so happy that so many of you took advantage of our Valentine's Day special offerings. We had a VERY full schedule on Friday Feb 13th and Saturday Feb 14th to make Valentine's Day special with massage therapy.

We turned away many clients calling last minute to see if they could get in. (Wives, tell your husbands to plan ahead next year!)

Couples Massage was such a hit that we have decided to make it a permanent offering at Salt Lake Prenatal Massage (more on that later!)

We had all 7 of our massage therapists working to accommodate the demand for appointments on Valentine's Day. Rebecca baked cupcakes, Brianna decorated them, and in our waiting room we had a lovely spread of organic bread and butter and jams, yogurt, granola bars, hot Lemon Ginger Tea, Raspberry Lemonade, and chocolates all around the office. All clients received a Trader Joes Organic Chocolate Bar after their session. 

(And we also discovered while introducing everyone in the office to a new client, that we have a Savannah, Joanna, and Brianna on staff. Try saying that ten times fast! )

Thank you for allowing us to make your Valentine's Day 2015 super SPECIAL!