What makes Salt Lake Prenatal Massage awesome... and different than your "average" massage facility?


  1. 60 minute standard appointment - not 50 minutes like most places.

  2. Longer or shorter appointments are also available - 15 minutes all the way up to two hours.

  3. Our rates are incredibly reasonable, given that we are specialists in our field.

  4. Pregnancy and childbirth is our SPECIALTY. We are BONKERS about it.

  5. Most massage therapists have less than 2 hours education in pregnancy massage. They are scared to work on you.

  6. We have NINE massage therapists on staff that have completed advanced education as Maternity Massage Specialists.

  7. Advance training ….PLUS an internship…. in Prenatal & Postpartum Massage.  You aren’t the first pregnant woman they have ever worked on.

  8. Many of our massage therapists are ALSO birth doulas, childbirth educators, or other birth professionals.

  9. Many of us have been pregnant ourselves.

  10. Our staff is all female. (That matters to some people.)

  11. Doctors regularly refer their patients to us for massage and doula services.

  12. Midwives regularly refer their patients to us for massage and doula services.

  13. Doctors and Midwives and Nurses and Doulas and Childbirth Educators regularly come to US for massage - whether they are pregnant or not.

  14. Childbirth educators regularly tell their students about us.

  15. Doulas regularly refer their clients to us.

  16. Our staff is trusted and respected in the birthing community.

  17. We offer a discount to any Birth Professionals: only $40 for a 60-minute massage.

  18. We are a unique resource for expectant and new moms.

  19. We ROCK at Natural Labor Stimulation techniques.

  20. We have TWO locations - Salt Lake and Ogden - to serve you.

  21. We do not rush you in and out of your appointment. We leave 15 minutes downtime between appointments so that we have time to spend with you.

  22. Open Monday thru Saturday. Day time and Evening appointments available.

  23. You can lie face down. Safely. Comfortably.

  24. We run our appointments on time and we are not flaky. We respect your time.

  25. We can bill your insurance if your insurance covers massage therapy.

  26. We don’t treat you like you are fragile.

  27. We will work on whatever you want us to work on. You will get the massage YOU wanted, not the one routine we learned how to give in school.

  28. Our therapists are STRONG or GENTLE … or whatever you need. They know how to listen, how to communicate with you to make sure you get what you came for.

  29. We also have comfort options for large-breasted women. No pressure on the boobs… amazing.

  30. Lactating women welcome. No pressure on your boobs while lying face down either. We even provide disposable nursing pads so that you don’t leak on the sheets and have a cold, wet spot when you turn over.

  31. Postpartum women welcome. You can waddle in here with your giant maxi pads and mesh undies for your postpartum bleeding… heck, you might even leak on our sheets….and we will love you all the same.

  32. Water broke during the massage? We can handle that.

  33. Need to bring your newborn to your massage appointment? Not a problem.

  34. Need to nurse your newborn during the massage? Not a problem.

  35. Need some help going into labor naturally? We have that one figured out.

  36. Way better than your hubby’s backrub.

  37. Not afraid to massage your feet. It won’t put you in labor.

  38. Not afraid to massage you deeply where you need/want it. You aren’t fragile.

  39. We are EXPERTS at bringing relief to pregnancy-aching hips...most massage therapists SUCK at working on the glutes/hips. We excel at it. You will love it.

  40. Looking for info on helping breech babies turn naturally? We have that too.

  41. Trying to GET pregnant? We can help with that as well. We have three Certified Fertility Massage therapists on staff - you won’t find that service/skill anywhere else in Utah.

  42. Male clients and non-childbearing female clients are also welcome here. We take care of everyone.

  43. Our staff is trained to NOT say the things you should NEVER SAY to a pregnant woman… you know, those things that most people say, such as, “Wow, you are huge!”

  44. We can come to your home or hospital room for an additional charge, if it’s more convenient to you.

  45. We also offer prenatal & postpartum yoga in our classroom at our Salt Lake Location.

  46. We can teach you how to massage your baby or toddler.

  47. We guarantee your satisfaction 100%. You will LOVE your experience, or you won’t pay for it… or you’ll get a killer discount.

  48. We can help you give birth. Our Doulas are amazing.

What other reasons can YOU add? :)