Join Rebecca Overson on the Utah EVOLVE Talk Radio Show November 6th 2012

HERE is the link to listen to the show's recording!

"Becoming a mom and giving birth is a rite of passage, a spiritual transition, an initiation into a new realm. A woman must put her blood, sweat, and tears on the line for the child she is birthing – to demonstrate that she has the strength to be a mother.


This is not a time to avoid pain, because motherhood is painful at times. This is not a time to seek comfort, because motherhood is not comfortable. This is not a time to shrink back, because motherhood requires that a woman reach deep inside her soul and show what she really stands for. It is in birth, that a woman must stand up, show her trust in herself,  her trust in God, and be consciously involved in a deliberate act of creation by giving her heart, might, mind, and strength to what is before her."


- Rebecca Overson


Join us for “EMPOWERED BIRTH” on the local Utah EVOLVE TALK RADIO SHOW today with host Sandi Elizabeth ( Rebecca Overson, a Birth Doula, Maternity Massage Therapist, Clarity Coach and the owner of Salt Lake Prenatal Massage will be on the show to help prepare you to harness your incredible feminine power of co-creation to experience a peaceful birth.


HERE is the link to listen to the show's recording!