This is a follow up to the posts Top Ten Signs You are about to get a BAD Pregnancy Massage, and also, Basic Questions You Should Ask before Scheduling a prenatal massage ANYWHERE!

We are, to our knowledge, the only massage therapy clinic in UTAH that specializes in offering skilled massage therapy to childbearing women.

While there are many independent massage therapists who specialize in or offer pregnancy massage, we are the only location you can go with many options under one roof, and only one phone number to call for booking.

1. Approximately 90% of our clients are pregnant women.

2. We have worked on thousands of pregnant women since we opened in 2009.

3. All our massage therapists are licensed and insured.

4. All our massage therapists have completed a 25 hour training, developed by Rebecca Overson LMT, founder of Salt Lake Prenatal Massage. This training is currently only offered to employees. They are required to memorize and understand approximately 100 terms related to pregnancy and birth, watch dozens of training videos, and work hands-on with Rebecca and our staff trainer Kristen Tesch LMT, to demonstrate proficiency with positioning of clients during all three trimesters and postpartum massage. They are required to pass off skills for easing low back, pelvic, and neck pain during pregnancy. They are trained in the handling of basic emergencies that theoretically could arise (but rarely do). They are also trained to see birth and pregnancy as normal, to empower our clients in their choices, to promote prenatal education and it's importance in maternal and fetal health, and to love the heck out of clients and care deeply about them and their families.

PREGNANCY AND BIRTH IS OUR LIFE AND OUR PASSION... not just our "career". It's who we ARE, not what we do.

5. Our massage therapists, after completing training, are also required to complete an internship consisting of  4 to 25 practice sessions under supervision, on low-risk or high-risk women at various stages of pregnancy and/or postpartum. We select current clients that know what to expect from us, and we get their rigorous and honest feedback.

6. We teach them communication skills and offer sensitivity training to be aware of and nurturing of the emotional and physical needs of expectant women.

7. All our massage therapists practice on each other, rotating through the whole staff, before they ever work on a single paying client.

8. We have found that the vast majority of pregnant women PREFER to lie face down for a massage, if they know they can do so safely and comfortably. We can also lie her on her side if she wants, or for various other reasons (like being 38 weeks pregnant with twins - belly too large for our cushions to accomodate.) So yes... we do "let" our clients lie face down. Or on their side. We don't "require" either way - we let them choose.

9. We have invested in over $3500 in orthopedic body support cushions, wedges, and pillow for our massage therapists to use. We are experts in pregnancy comfort and positioning for massage.

10. Our office is fully equipped with everything pregnant women need to be comfortable. this includes but is not limited to snacks, fans, heaters, blankets, socks, water, bathrooms nearby, LARGE massage rooms with couches and armchairs (not tiny closet-size rooms), a robe in case you have to visit the restroom mid-massage... etc.

11. Many of our massage therapists are also  Doulas, which are trained, skilled, experienced labor and birth facilitators/coaches/support people, who offer guidance and true support to expectant women. Which means, not only do we offer amazing prenatal massage, we also help our clients through the whole process of giving birth.

12. We are confident with high risk pregnancies, low risk pregnancies, twins, triplets, c-sections, natural birth....miscarriage, loss,  infertility.... postpartum bleeding, leaky boobs, leaky fluids, giant maxi pads, swollen/large/tender breasts...

We are confident and qualified to work with you in any stage of pregnancy and motherhood. We love you and we are here for you no matter what.

13. Some of us are also childbirth educators and other birth specialists. The vast majority of us have also given birth ourselves. Not like that's required, but, it's embodied knowledge.

Meet our Staff HERE! Located in Salt Lake City at 4568 S Highland Drive Suite 245.

Hope that helps. Comments and questions welcome.