Care for your Undercarriage: COOL Product!

by Rebecca Overson, LMTOwner/Director, Salt Lake Prenatal Massage My friends and clients know I'm really into talking about the things that "nobody" talks about regarding pregnancy and birth. Care for your "Undercarriage" after you give birth is one of my favorite taboo topics. (Undercarriage - that's a term my hubby made up after our first baby was born! HA!)

After a vaginal birth, you will experience a degree of swelling and bruising of everything between your legs. That's just the truth, ladies. And, if you end up with a few stitches, you'll need even more soothing comfort.

I'll write more about some of my tricks later, but for now I want to share with you something I saw at Baby Bump Maternity Store in Sugarhouse the other day. It's so cool! No pun intended!

Feme Pad by Smart Choices This product is genius! Specifically designed for expectant and new mothers to cool and soothe soreness, post-delivery bruising, swelling, and irritation that may be caused by pregnancy and childbirth. Developed by a mother and experienced nurse midwife, it’s non-invasive, drug free, discreet and... comfortable (unlike a block of ice between your legs.)

These come in a pack of 2 so while one is in use the other is in the freezer. It also has plenty of disposable gauze covers. These are the perfect gel packs anytime you have soreness or swelling.

$25.99 for 2 gel packs.

Available at: Baby Bump Maternity 675 east 2100 South #F Salt Lake City, UT Hours: Monday thru Saturday, 10 AM – 7 PM

Stop by and Rebecca Anderson will be happy to show them to you!