BABY ON BOARD: childcare while you get a massage!

In case you missed the announcement on our Facebook page (what? You aren't a fan of Salt Lake Prenatal Massage on Facebook? Go join!) ...we are now offering THE COOLEST THING EVER: On-site childcare while you have a massage!

"Grandma Carla" as she is affectionately called, is here on Tuesday mornings, and her only job is to hold newborn babies! (She thinks it's the best job in the world!)


It's just one less excuse for not taking care of yourself. Because you can bring your baby with you, you don't have to worry about timing feedings, finding a sitter, or leaving your baby.

And, we're a bit more lax on our schedule on Tuesdays, because we know nursing babies don't always cooperate with set appointment times. Come early and nurse or stay late and hang out. We'll go with the flow.

Grandma Carla's sole duty is to keep baby happy while you relax. She takes them on walks down the hall, rocks them in the rocking chair, soothes them to sleep. She's fantastic - maybe even a little magical - and everyone so far looks forward to seeing her again!

Tuesdays are booking up fast, so please call us at 801-706-7680 to schedule your session. No child is too young or too old. We've been visited by toddlers all the way down to babies who are four days old.

Regarding the importance of massage AFTER giving birth, one first-time-mom with a 6-week-old said it well after her massage today: "Thank you for an awesome massage and the comforting conversation today!! I feel human again!! You're an angel!"

It's only $10/hr extra for Grandma Carla's awesome care. She's so good, she's already had several clients want to hire her away to be their personal nanny! :D