For those who wonder if massage during pregnancy is truly beneficial... grab your kleenex and read this.

We love hearing from our dear clients about how massage helped them through their pregnancy, recovery, and motherhood. This is a wonderful testimonial we just received from one of our special moms, detailing her experiences with us, and it's such a beautiful story, we thought it deserved its own blog post. Client's name is withheld for privacy, but her story is shared with permission.

"I began going to Salt Lake Prenatal Massage about halfway through my 3rd pregnancy with my daughter Lily. Shortly after I had my first massage there, we found out our baby showed signs of having a rare genetic disorder - the same genetic disorder that my first child had passed away from at age 3.

Knowing I would choose to carry this baby to term, I felt like I needed to take care of myself mentally, spiritually and physically like I never had before in order to get through this difficult pregnancy - while also raising my 1-year-old, and my brand-new adopted daughter as well. The massage was wonderful, but I was most surprised at how I felt afterward. I felt lighter in so many ways.
The next day I was able to get so much done and felt renewed. My back didn't hurt, and my sciatica was gone. I had been embarrassed about my pregnant body during my first massage, but afterward I felt so wonderful I simply didn't care anymore. In fact I discovered a comfort and respect for my body I had never felt before. I also felt much better able to cope with life and all the emotions I was feeling.

I continued to get massages every other week (and sometimes more) throughout my pregnancy. I was able to take time for myself and connect with my body and unborn baby, which I was so grateful for especially when Lily's diagnosis was confirmed. Not only did my regular massages alleviate a lot of the more unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy, but I found that they cultivated the desire and energy to take better care of myself.

Although I was very tired and sad and stressed, I would look forward to my massages - and sometimes knowing I had one coming up was all that would get me through the day. Rebecca was wonderful and would let me talk when I felt like it or fall asleep if I wanted. Sometimes I would cry and I felt totally comfortable doing so. It was like a physical and emotional therapy session all in one. My husband saw how much happier, calm, and peaceful I was after my massage and would go out of his way to find a babysitter when necessary or encourage me to go, as did my mother and friends.

I was able to enjoy my two tiny kids at home and I slept better when I had the chance. Plus it was wonderful just to lay face down for a little while! Taking the time to get prenatal massage therapy turned what could have been an extremely painful and draining pregnancy into a much more comfortable and calm experience.

Lily was born and lived four months before passing away. I am so glad I had those tender months before her birth to connect with her and take care of both of us.

Much of her life was painful and spent in the hospital, and when I get upset I remind myself that most of her time on earth was spent inside me, warm and safe and that I was careful to take time to focus on us and keep myself healthy for her.

Thank you, Salt Lake Prenatal Massage, for your support."

E.H., Registered Nurse, mother of four