Prenatal Yoga 2018


Wondering what's up with our Prenatal Yoga Classes for 2018?

Here's the scoop!

Alicia has been our main yoga teacher for several years, and let us know in December she'd no longer be teaching our classes.

This left us with big shoes to fill!

We are in the process of coordinating our yoga schedule with new offerings and FABULOUS teachers, and waiting on the arrival of new equipment.

We plan to have classes back on the schedule by Jan 20th. We will post updates on our Facebook page as well.

AND - If you have any feedback or suggestions based on your experiences in our yoga classes, we'd love to hear from you!

Hang on to those class passes!

Thanks for your patience. If you have any questions, please email us at

Happy New Year! Love, Salt Lake Prenatal Massage

Salt Lake Prenatal Massage is GROWING.... and hiring massage therapists

Working with pregnant women is THE BEST!!!!

Salt Lake Prenatal Massage is hiring licensed massage therapists with a strong interest in pregnancy, birth, and babies. We are currently hiring for DAY, WEEKEND and EVENING shifts. 

This is an employee situation, not independent contractor. 

Job requirements: 
- Current UT State License
- Current liability insurance with a minimum of 1 million dollars in coverage (eg. ABMP or AMTA) 
- Must have reliable internet, phone, and car.
- Completion of Maternity Massage Certification Level 1 & 2 course (offered on-site)

Job perks: 
- Flexible work schedule: Open 7 days a week, 9am to 8pm/5pm on weekends
- Discounts on products and services
- Full administrative support: laundry, scheduling and marketing
- Support with advanced education and training in the pregnancy and birth field
- Awesome clients and awesome co-workers! 

Check out our website:
***To apply, please submit resume and thoughtful cover letter via email to Please also include desired wages.***

No walk-ins or phone calls please. 
Thank you!



SLC Prenatal Massage is looking for TWO superstars for our front desk!

We have two, full-time positions available Monday-Saturday. Compensation is $12-15/hr.

We are very passionate about helping pregnant women and new moms find relief from pain and stress. Our front desk is the first point of contact for all clients, so we are really looking for someone who can go above and beyond for them. 

The ideal candidate:
Loves people
Possesses strong customer service and sales skills
Excels at communication on the phones, in person, and email/text.
Is an excellent multitasker and very organized
A professional and friendly demeanor
Is Self-motivated, able to work independently, high level of integrity
MUST be a good team player and work well with others

We are looking for someone who can commit for a year or more. Apply if you are looking for a career. Please no temporary applications.

Please send an email with your resume and a thoughtful cover letter to No phone calls or walk-ins please.

Thank you!


Hi everyone, Rebecca Overson here.

Super EXCITED to tell you about our new soaking tub!

I love water. And I had a crappy, tiny tub at home for the longest time.

So when we moved to our new office,

I went out and bought us a beautiful soaking tub and created a TUB ROOM.

Check it:

"Hey Kaesie! Come in here and photograph this for the blog!" (yes, I was actually naked and yes I was actually taking a bath. :)

"Hey Kaesie! Come in here and photograph this for the blog!" (yes, I was actually naked and yes I was actually taking a bath. :)

THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD IDEA. Sooooo comfortable!

Do any of you remember that "Calgon, take me away!" commercial? (1988... maybe you weren't born yet!) The mom is going crazy at home with kids, sneaks into her tub with Calgon Bubble bath, locks the kids out....and has a few precious minutes to herself.

It's a lot like that.

Long story short - we are happy to make this soaking tub available to you before or after your massage appointments, or just on its own if you need a peaceful bath!

Book a Tub Soak for only $25 for up to 25 minutes. Includes Epsom Salt and

doTERRA "Balance" essential oil (optional).

check this out - BONUS!

Add on a mud masque while you soak: $10

 Add on a scalp treatment while you soak: $15

(you will be covered in the tub with a towel for modesty while your therapist massages your scalp, neck, and shoulders!)

And don't worry - we have a tub thermometer to make sure our pregnant mamas soak in pregnancy-safe temperatures.

Escape, mama! give us a call or text 8017846511 to book your SOAK.



Postpartum Belly Binding - YOU GOTTA DO THIS!

by Rebecca de Azevedo Overso LMT/Birth Doula

postpartum belly bind


One of THE most important things to do when recovering from birth is to BIND your BELLY. 

This has been done for a loooong time in Asian cultures and other places around the world... who also have a traditional "lying-in" period, where the woman who has given birth does not leave the house for 30-40 days while she rests, recovers, and heals. 


I read once that in some cultures, the woman does not stand up after giving birth until her belly is bound. 

Here's WHY belly binding is a good idea:

1. Helps bring back together the abdominal muscles that have stretched and separated during pregnancy. 

2. Helps support proper function of organs

3. Helps support the uterus as it heals

4. Encourages proper posture, recovering pre-pregnant posture

5. Helps with breathing - supports the respiratory diaphragm

6. MAY help you fit into your skinny jeans faster. Just kidding. But wouldn't that be nice???

7. Flattens your tummy. Come on. We all love that. 


13-17 yards cotton muslin fabric. I like natural materials, so I chose that, AND I chose a natural/undyed fabric.  This is a LOT of fabric. Consider if you are petite, plus size, average, etc and you will use more/less fabric depending on how tight you want your bind to be as well. 

I just used 7 1/2 full outstretched arm lengths, as I show in the video. If you have too much, you can always cut off the excess and turn it into a cool turban for your head. ;) 

Cut the fabric into one long strip that is about 8 inches wide. 

If you are super fancy with sewing ((UNLIKE ME)) and have access to a serger - go ahead and serge the edges so it doesn't fray so much!

What I'm most excited about is that when I learned about belly binding, I was only shown how to do it for someone else. As a postpartum woman, I had someone come over to do it for me. But now I'm super stoked that I figured out how to do it with my own two hands! I gave birth on October 9th so I myself am employing all the tricks I teach my clients!


Watch the video of the finished result here   (and while you're there, LIKE our facebook page if you haven't already...)

and HERE is the follow up video of how to do it yourself. 

Ideally you want to wear the wrap for several hours a day for the first six weeks postpartum, or longer if needed. If you had a c-section, you may want to wait until your incision has healed before you wrap. 

If the fabric creeps up, simply pull it back down one layer at a time. 

To go to the bathroom - which you know we do quite frequently to pee, to change pads, etc - just pull your pants/undies down, do your business, and pull back up either OVER the wrap, or try to tuck it back underneath the wrap. Or just take it off and re-do; you get really fast at it with a little practice.

Let me know if you have any questions - you can post them here, or on our facebook page under the belly binding video, or shoot an email to us at 

Happy Recovering!


Tigerlily's Birth Story

by Rebecca Overson, LMT, Birth Doula, and Founder/Owner of Salt Lake Prenatal Massage

Tigerlily Alexis de Azevedo joined our family on October 9th, 2016, at 9:22pm. She is my third child, third home birth, and third water birth... but my first daughter!

I had created a private facebook group for my closest "Peeps" and we used Facebook Live Stream in that group for portions of the labor process. It was really amazing to be able to include so many people that I love and adore and who I know love and adore me. It gave me strength to know that you were all there with me. Truly a remarkable experience thanks to modern technology!

I spent most of the time laboring in the birthing tub. It was padded and warm and so comfortable. Dutch was right there with me the whole time. Though he has two children, this was his first experience with birth at home. He was a total rockstar - so loving, supportive, encouraging, and positive. There were a few times he was worried, because I just totally came unglued due to the pain, but he knew that if the Midwife was calm, he didn't need to be worried.

Homebirth Lego scene by my 8 year old. The only one of its kind that I know of. :)

Homebirth Lego scene by my 8 year old. The only one of its kind that I know of. :)

My brother in law Aaron Coleman was there filming (a pro videographer and totally down with birth), my sister in law Rachael de Azevedo is a birth photographer and was there (can't WAIT to get the photos!!),  my longtime assistant Savannah Milligan, and my mom Linda was there to help take care of my sons, Shawn and Ryan, who really wanted to be a part of the birth and have basically been prepared their whole lives for this (because that's what you get when you are the child of a birth junkie.) I told them if things got intense or boring or whatever, they could leave. No pressure. Ryan passed the time by building the most EPIC depiction of the birth room out of Legos, complete with a birthing tub, Dutch with a backwards baseball cap, Melissa the midwife with her silver hair, the photographer... everything. 

Labor was good and strong and intense. I NEEDED to move. At one point I said, "Women who have epidurals are CRAZY!" - not as a judgment by any means - but as a statement of how much I just neeeeeeded to be mobile during contractions. At one point, I was standing up, dancing to music, leaning forward on the tub, and yes... I may have even twerked that baby down. Video of THAT to come. (Not that I actually know how to twerk.)

We stopped the Live Streaming because I decided to have Melissa break my water at about 9 cm. 

After that it got really crazy. I mean really really really crazy. I have never cried and sobbed so hard or screamed, yelled and hollered so loud in my life . The pain was unbearable, except that I had no other choice but to bear it. I wanted it OVER. NOW. I was in agony. My boys left the room.

This baby girl has not put her hands away from her head since birth and I am 99% certain that she was trying to come through the birth canal with her hand next to her head...hard route. Add to that the fact that she was so tiny… Honestly Ryan, who was 9 lbs. 8 oz. was my easiest birth because I think he was so big that he had no choice but to come barreling out…But She was just kind of floating around and her head was not coming down in the most optimal position. That made dilation less effective and it took a long time.

Anyway, I was begging for Melissa to do everything she could to help me get this baby out, even though it's kind of contrary to the philosophy of homebirth midwives. Bless that woman....Melissa made me squat, made me stand, made me walk, made me sit on the toilet… And finally,manually helped my cervix get complete and slipped it over Baby's head, I gave two crazy hard insane pushes and she was out. Sweet relief.

She had perfect Apgar scores. Just beautiful and amazing.

Shawn got to cut the umbilical cord. My boys were fascinated with the placenta and got to handle it and look at it. Trust me though… We've talked a lot about placentas in this household so they were prepared.

I am also so grateful for my family members who were there to provide support through birth photography, videography, helping with the boys, getting me food, being my DJ, and just holding space for me to be however I was a needed to be in order to get that baby out. I'm told at one point my mom was crying and my dad, who quietly arrived from St. George during the last hour, was just praying to God because I was suffering at epic proportions there towards the end.

I have always loved birth because it is a testament to how strong we are as women. I love that I have no doubt about my strength!! I chose to put my feet on this path once again, I thought my first time giving birth was the hardest thing I've ever done but this one absolutely takes the cake. Worth every second.

And Dutch .... You had my heart in the first hour that I met you but now... There are no words for the love and partnership I have for you and feel from you. You are an amazing man. You made my dream of a baby girl come true... a dream I grieved would never come to pass after my marriage to Rob ended.  I knew there was a baby girl waiting for me. She is finally here.

At first I was a little bit shy about naming her Tigerlily but honestly it fits her so perfectly. (I had that name on a list when Shawn was born ten years ago, but he turned out to be a boy.) I feel like she and I were intertwined in an experience of strength, grace, bravery and courage. I'm not a Disney fan nor do I care for Disney Princesses - but Princess Tiger Lily of the Piccaninny tribe was a complete BADASS. She boarded Captain Hook's ship with a knife in her mouth and swore loyalty to Peter Pan by refusing to disclose his whereabouts. She nearly died. She's a native american warrior princess...the ultimate balance of fierce and feminine. I like that. Also, Tiger Lillies are a beautiful flower that symbolize prosperity. They can grow in the wild without human assistance. They embody strength and passion. 

Alexis is my dad's name, and my brother as well. They both go by Lex. I love them dearly. If she grows up and doesn't like her name, she can go by her middle name, or Tilly, T-Lil, T-Lex - we have made up a lot of nicknames for her already. 

It's been an interesting week and a half since she was born, and I've been very diligent about my commitment to not leave the house for at least 30 days and just be here with her and allow other people to support me. (Good thing I LOVE my house and it has LOTS of light.)

I've had all kinds of thoughts and emotions, as I have reflected on her birth and her now being in our lives, and what my life will look like from this point forward. It seems I cry at least once a day, either because of joy, or because of heartache, fear, or the raw power that came through me as i went from fully dilated, to complete birth in 2 madwoman pushes, as I screamed, yelled, cried, and pounded on the walls of the birth tub as I shook violently. I was just as certain that I could NOT do this anymore as I was certain that I MUST do it.

Honestly I felt ashamed of how much I screamed at "her" to GET OUT and how much I truly suffered for the last hour. It was like a death, once again allowing the woman-I-was to pass away, and to birth myself again as the woman I now am: A woman who now has a patchwork family of five children, a woman who allowed her beloved and her own children to experience homebirth for the first time, a woman who awaited and welcomes this tiny goddess, who -simultaneously grieves the final death of the Rebecca-Shawn-Ryan trio that will never again be what it was.

A woman who performs on stage at a Piano Bar, a woman who runs a business, a woman who is an artist, A woman who will return to the life -- and schedule -- she built, but with a babe at her breast. Everything is new.

This birth rocked me to the core. After Ryan's birth I felt I had somehow cracked the code of birth: Just SURRENDER. Let it be whatever it is. Ryan's birth (who was 9 lbs 8 oz) was painless, fast, and ecstatic; Tigerlily's birth was beautiful but NOT painless and NOT what I would call ecstatic. Yes I moaned and danced and moved, but the part that was not on live stream was not there for a reason... the last hour was ROUGH and messy and loud and out of control and there was a lot of ugly crying. 

How difficult the last hour was... I had no preparation for that.

It called into question everything I thought I knew about giving birth.

I found this quote today. It softened my perspective and my self judgment. It redefines what is ecstatic about birth in such a way that I can now embrace Tigerlily's birth in the same way I embraced Shawn and Ryan's... "Ecstatic - Not in an easy way, but in a life changing, mind blowing, warrior-coming-back-from-battle way..."

I did battle. I conquered and I survived. And I am ONE. PROUD. WARRIOR. 💘


The secret is in the sauce...

The secret... Is in the sauce. The sauce is our relationships and the secret ingredient is just how much we actually care for our clients. One of our regular male clients recently told us he thinks we are "Utah's best kept secret!" I asked him to elaborate and he said "well, I would never have come here if my wife hadn't been pregnant and tried it out first, being told you guys take male clients. Now I'll never go anywhere else. My experiences here have been better than any other massage business, and I've had A LOT of massages. Everyone should know about it. You guys are the best." I wasn't terribly surprised to hear this, as we receive feedback just like his on a regular basis. It really made me think, though, about just how far our business had come in the last few years. Rebecca started it on her own with just a few clients and built it into the best massage therapy practice in Utah! People are still surprised every day about our regular acceptance of clients who aren't pregnant, including men. I asked Rebecca to elaborate some thoughts on the subject, and here you have it...

...I might be bragging.

Or I might just be a super proud mama of this baby I birthed called “SLC Prenatal Massage.” Word on the street is we are Utah’s experts in prenatal and postpartum massage therapy and you really shouldn’t waste time or money getting “prenatal massage” elsewhere in this valley.

I mean, massage therapy for the special population of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood is totally OUR THING.

It’s no secret that we have mad skills in this arena.

But… we do have ONE secret:

Our massage therapists actually work on everyone.

Seriously. Men, non-pregnant women, teens, kids…. Pregnancy is not required to get a massage here. Heck, a UTERUS isn't even required to get a massage here.

The secret is that Salt Lake Prenatal Massage is the best place for massage therapy in Utah, period. Don’t bother with spas, or strip-mall locations, and certainly don’t go to those dodgy late night massage places with people that don’t speak any English or have pictures of their scantily clad “relaxation specialists” - unless you want to be disappointed. (Or arrested.) Nothing against non-native English speakers - it’s just that most of them aren’t licensed (which is illegal) and most of them, um, might give you more than a massage. (At best, a communication barrier is really hard to overcome, considering the fact that communication is one of the most important factors to getting a great massage.)

Guys, I have been a licensed massage therapist for 21 years now. That is more than half of my entire life. I have zero tolerance for mediocre massage. It’s, like, worse than a bad haircut.

About ten years into my career, I had a pretty good grasp of what clients want and appreciate, even though needs and preferences vary greatly from client to client. I was completely confident in my ability to be fully present with each client, and deliver fantastic massage therapy and bodywork 99.9% of the time. Massage, for me, is meditation. I work in the zone. It’s the best.


I tried not to let it go to my head - it is a joy for me to serve people. But I heard comments like that so many times that I let my low self esteem fall away and just accepted that I really was good. I had mastery over something.

I love to serve. I love to contribute. I love to help. Most massage therapists are givers, nurturers, and healers.

And then, something super scary happened….

My business grew... And grew... Which meant I had to hire people that would be helping me work on MY CLIENTS. MY CLIENTS!

My clients…. they had an expectation… they knew I would deliver fantastic results every time. How on earth could I trust a massage therapist with 2 years experience, or five or ten, or even right out of school, to, well, be as good as I was? (Totally not humble there, but, you know what I’m saying???)

I was busy. I needed backup. I needed sick days and personal days. I needed to trust other massage therapists to help me with my client load.

BUT how on earth could I NOT work on my clients? How could I expect any other therapist to deliver what I could consistently deliver? I would estimate that 1 in 20 therapists I interviewed TRULY blew me away with their skills, approach, and demeanor. The rest were either as good as I’d expect for their level of experience, or just downright mediocre. Some are gifted… and some need a LOT of refining.

So to make a long story shorter - I created some hacks.

I trained - and still train - my staff in the secrets of WHAT MAKES A MASSAGE FANTASTIC and what clients truly want. This is based on 21 years of experience, feedback, and learning. I can take a pretty “average” massage therapist and coach them to deliver amazing bodywork in a very short period of time.

The result is that they are able to deliver that AWESOMENESS to anyone who walks through our doors - pregnant or not. I guarantee our client satisfaction - I’m THAT confident with my staff. (And I’m all ears if you have a less-than-fantastic massage at our clinic.)

To me, the ultimate test is what my FAMILY thinks when they come to my clinic. Why? My family is very big, and very educated, outspoken and honest. Also, I have been working on them for 20 years and shaping their expectations of what good bodywork feels like. They have all become picky, picky, picky, discriminating connoisseurs of massage therapy and bodywork! And if they don’t like something, they will say it to your face.

Last night at a family party my brother in law told me “I had the BEST massage on Friday from Amy. Seriously - she is gifted. It was so good.”

I’m so happy to know I have been replaced! SO HAPPY!

Another brother in law - who has had MASTER bodyworkers work on him - thinks Celeste is THE BOMB.

Another sister said, “I had a beeeeeautiful massage from Joanna today.”

My cousin and his wife wanted massages and messaged me, somewhat apologetically, asking if we did couples massages even though they aren’t expecting. (yes! we do!) They booked for the following Saturday. This is the message I got afterwards:

“We had our massages today and oh man were they fantastic!! Seriously… BEST massage I’ve ever had. We will be regulars.”

Another sister - who used to be super mean to me growing up - ha! - wrote this review on Yelp. (As I sit and write this article, she’s actually in our office getting a treatment for her 16-year-old daughter who has cerebral palsy and spina bifida.)

First things first, the owner is my sister. Rebecca has been in the field of bodywork since she was 18 years old and has been passionate about supporting women through pregnancy and delivery for decades. She is extremely knowledgeable about women's bodies, pregnancy and delivery. I have attended births with her where she has been the Doula and her skills, knowledge and know-how are extraordinary.

I started getting massages here a month ago. I am not pregnant. They provide services for women who are pregnant and for women who are not pregnant, and for men, and teens, and children. I had been chasing down local Groupons in search of great massages. I had some real nightmare experiences! Finally, my sister said why "don't you come to Salt Lake Prenatal?" I guess I hadn't thought of it because I'm not pregnant.

They offer recurring weekly scheduling at an amazing price. My sister is not the one who's been massaging me. So, I do think I can offer a fair and unbiased review.

I have seen Sky and Celeste. Both were fabulous! They're very professional and conscientious when draping you. There are few things I hate more than wondering if my body parts are exposed from the sheets. This has never been the case at Salt Lake Prenatal.

Celeste uses her hands in a way that is nothing short of artistic!

They absolutely want your feedback, especially if there's something they can do right then to adjust and make you more comfortable.

PS: the weekly appointments don't have to be used by the same person. My husband and I switch off week to week.

So there you have it folks, the word is out. We will take you as a client regardless of pregnancy status or gender or age. You don’t have to settle for mediocre massage therapy - we wouldn’t want you to!

P.S. oh heeeeey…...My 17 year old niece just finished her session with Skye! This is the text she sent:  Oh. Ma. Gosh. I feel SO good! :) That was da bomb!!

Big changes are afoot... Here's the scoop!


Today, we share an extra special post with you.

It is chock full of little nuggets and we're so excited to share our new adventure with those who make our business exactly what it is... YOU! This post is lengthy. If you can get through the whole thing and shoot us an email at telling us you did so with THREE things you learned or thought were cool, we'll send you a GIFT as a thank you! That's how important this information is! We want you to read it thoroughly and hopefully bribery is the way to go in this case, ha ha!

Let's get started...

Scheduling system OVERHAUL

We're trading in our relationship with MindBody for something newer and nicer: WellnessLliving! What does this mean for YOU as a client? Read on...  


WellnessLiving does not yet have a mobile app - but it is in the works and should be released soon. We'll be sure to let you know when that happens! In the meantime, there's not a whole lot about the system that's different from MindBody. You will still have the same login as before, your visit history and purchases still show and as a cool bonus, your reward points are PART of your client profile now (we're ditching Perkville, too)! I'll outline how this change will happen for you.

Tomorrow, you will receive an email from WellnessLiving that says "Say HELLO to our new scheduling system!" This email is VERY VERY important! Why? It contains your username (which transferred over from MindBody) and a link to set up your password. Once you take this action and login for the first time, all of your past visits, membership information, contact information and purchases (including prepaid sessions and gift certificates) will auto-populate into your new WellnessLiving profile! The only thing that will NOT transfer over is your stored cc information. This just means that next time you book a massage, you'll be required to give a cc number (just like your first visit with us) for us to keep on your file. 

Another bonus: we're ditching Perkville (our loyalty rewards program) - but you'll still have all your points! WellnessLiving has a better rewards system, built right into your client profile. So accessing your points and rewards doesn't require visiting yet another website, it will simply be housed under your login in WellnessLiving. 

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call, text or email us and we will do our best to help! Please be patient as we are bound to get many questions, meaning higher traffic and using the new system comes with a learning curve for us all. We are really excited about this change (it really comes with a great number of benefits) and hope that you are, too! 

New Services

Along with the launch of WellnessLiving, we are offering a few new appointment types and one new membership option!
Here are the details:

New 90-minute Monthly Massage Option

Along with our popular 75-minute monthly massage, we will now be offering a 90-minute option for $89/mo! So many of our monthly members have been booking their 75-minute massage with an additional 15 minutes each month, so this move seemed like a no-brainer! The membership will officially be available tomorrow, but if you'd like to get a head start, click here to fill out the agreement form (you'll need to do this whether you're switching from the 75-minute membership to the 90-minute membership OR you're enrolling for the first time to either option).

New targeted, 30-minute treatments on our menu

Our most popular time frames for massage are 60, 75 & 90 minute sessions. But every so often, we do have clients that book a 30 minute session to get some targeted pain relief in a small window of time that fits a tighter budget. So we thought, why not make it even easier and add some specialized, 30-minute session to our menu for good? And with that, we give you four new, 30-minute sessions: JUST head and neck, JUST foot massage, JUST Hands and Feet, JUST my spine. Click here to read descriptions of each service. They will be officially available tomorrow and we'll send you a special email offer to try one!

New General Manager

Some of you know that Rebecca is having a baby! And soon! So as not to have everything go haywire in her absence, we've hired some fresh management. Ok, well, she's not really new to us, per se. Nor has she been hired. But promoted! Kaesie Slinger, a lady of many hats around here, has been working for SLC Prenatal Massage behind the scenes for three years! She's demonstrated loyalty, commitment and overall mad skills, so we knew there wasn't anyone else more perfect for the job. We think she's rad and now she's our general manager so you'll be seeing a lot more of her face around the office. Yay, Kaesie!

New Therapists on Staff

We'll shout it from the rooftops - WE HAVE SO MANY THERAPISTS NOW WHICH MEANS YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT WEEKS TO GET IN FOR A MASSAGE!! This is a great thing, people! Earlier this year, we were so overbooked that we had to turn clients away, we just didn't have enough therapists for the demand that is the BEST prenatal massage in Utah. Introducing Amy, Brandy, Caroline, Clarissa & Cree. They are each AHHH-MAZ-ING. We now have eight therapists on staff - EIGHT. So give us a call because it's likely you can get in for a massage THIS week :)... maybe even TODAY! 

Turning Breech Babies

Breech positioning means that the baby in your pregnant belly is head up instead of head down. Ideally, at the time of birth, a baby should be head down and facing your spine. This is a great little blurb at Birth Without Fear that describes breech positioning. One publication suggests that 20-25% of babies are breech under 28 weeks, 7-16 % are breech at 32 weeks and only 3-4% are breech at term. You can view an illustration of various breech positions here.


Many women believe that a breech baby will result in an automatic c-section delivery and that’s just not true. (See links at end of this article for more information.)

This article is to offer some natural alternatives and methods for turning breech babies.

If you have learned that your baby is breech and you are wondering “Is there anything you can do to help my breech baby turn naturally?” …the answer is YES! Although nobody can guarantee the result (babies do what babies do), there are several gentle alternatives to explore.

1. Webster Technique Chiropractic. The Webster Technique is a specific mode of chiropractic that works directly with the uterine ligaments. There are three pairs of uterine ligaments that act as “tethers” to provide balance and support to the growing uterus. These ligaments attach directly to bones on the inside of the pelvic bowl. One possible reason a baby could be breech (head up instead of head down in utero) is that the pelvis is not aligned, therefore creating more tension on ligaments on one side and a chronically lopsided uterus. Chiropractors who are certified and proficient in the Webster Technique will help to balance the pelvis and the uterine ligaments, thus potentially increasing “room” in the uterus by releasing any unnecessary tension. There are a handful of good chiropractors in Utah who do the Webster Technique and have good success rates helping babies to turn around. Two that we refer to regularly are Shanon Nelson of Legacy Chiropractic & Wellness in Draper, Utah and G. Shaun Reynolds of Family Chiropractic & Wellness, also in Draper. They are both listed on our BirthPages.

2. Acupuncture. Acupuncture done regularly with the focus of turning a breech baby can also be very effective! If you don’t understand it, don’t scoff, just TRY it. It’s cheaper than a c-section and at a very minimum can help you balance the energies of your pregnant body in many ways. Two Acupuncturists that we regularly refer to who are proficient with the needs of pregnant women and turning breech babies with acupuncture are Dean Woolstenhume and Bea Hammond, both in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are both listed on our BirthPages.

3. External Manual Version. This more invasive approach takes place usually at a hospital, where doctors apply pressure to your belly with their hands while using ultrasound and fetal monitoring, and literally try to turn the baby from the outside. Some women say it is very painful, and there are risks associated with it. But this is another option that is less invasive than a c-section. Talk to your prenatal care provider for more information about this procedure.

4. External Manual Version by a homebirth midwife. I do know some amazingly skilled professional midwives that have gently turned a breech baby in their office. Call us for referrals if you are interested in having a direct-entry midwife attempt to help you. Midwifery is far more ancient of an art than modern obstetrics. Midwives traditionally value tools such as their intuition, keen observation skills, connection with the client and baby, and their HANDS. Of course they do also utilize other types of modern technology to listen to baby’s heart rate and such, but generally speaking, a midwife is another great resource to turn to for help with a breech baby.

5. Massage, Acupressure, and Essential Oils. At Salt Lake Prenatal Massage, working with pregnant physiology is our expertise. We can help release tension in your pelvis, hips, lower back and more which may affect the position of your baby. We can skillfully work acupressure points that can affect the baby’s positioning. We exclusively use doTerra Certified 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. They have incredible healing properties physically and emotionally. If your baby is breech and you come to our office for a prenatal massage, we can treat you to several natural approaches that promote overall balance physically, mentally, and emotionally.

6. Visualization. Visualization is actually really powerful! I often suggest to clients that they do two things:

1) feel the feelings of relief you will feel when the baby turns. (it’s much more calming to feel relieved when you think about baby turning than fixating on the idea that the baby won’t turn!).

2) Picture that baby head down, facing your tailbone. See the baby doing a gentle nosedive. In your minds eye, watch that little person wiggle gently and find that head-down position and stay in it. Do this often. Relax, and meditate on your baby finding that optimum position for birth. SEE the result you want. SEE the baby being born headfirst.

7. Consider addressing and working through any emotional barriers. Having worked with the body for almost two decades, it is my strong belief that there is a high correlation between emotions and thoughts and what is physically being manifested in the body. When a baby is breech, some women find it useful to consider the possibility that they are holding back in some way, feeling not ready,  and so forth. If your baby is breech and you are a survivor of sexual abuse or trauma, I strongly suggest doing some energy work, emotional release work, or something along those lines, to help clear the energy of trauma.

Also consider clearing any resentments or issues with your own mother, or fears about birth, parenting this child, or any other deep-seated issue regarding pregnancy, birth, motherhood, womanhood, and sexuality.

And… if this sounds super weird to you, ignore it.

8. is an EXCELLENT resource for turning breech babies and exploring the awesome world of “optimum fetal positioning”. The woman who runs the site offers many articles and videos and how-to’s regarding inversions and various positions you can do yourself that help relax uterine ligaments and work with the assistance of gravity to turn a breech baby. Check it out, and try what she suggests.

For example, one midwifery textbook suggests elevating your hips 18 inches while lying on your back, for 20 minutes at a time, three times a day. The idea here is to work with gravity to encourage turning.

9. Consider all your options! Breech does not always equal c-section. If you are SUPER COMMITTED to delivering vaginally and your baby is breech, it’s totally possible! However, most doctors are not trained in vaginal deliveries of breech babies anymore. It’s way easier for them to perform major abdominal surgery than deal with the possible complications and elevated risks of a vaginal delivery of a breech baby. There are risks of c-sections and there are risks of breech births (Hello… there are RISKS OF LIFE ITSELF but that’s another article!) – you have to weigh the risks. We also know of some midwives who are skilled and experienced with breech deliveries and might be a good resource for you. Most of them, however, will only take on a breech client if the mother is 100% confident in her ability to birth a breech baby. Emotional and mental preparation makes a big difference.

This is a PDF that offers some good suggestions for naturally turning breech babies. If you have any questions or need further resources, feel free to contact us.

And, even if a c-section was not a part of your Birth Plan, please know that there are definitely times to exercise that option. Either way, YOU have to make an informed decision that feels right to you and be 100% responsible for your choice.

A few resources supporting the normalcy of breech vaginal birth:

Article: “Breech Babies are another variation of normal”

Article: Breech Does Not Equal C-Section

Article: No More Automatic C-Section for Breech Birth (Canada)

Article: New Rearch: Traditional Deliveries for Breech Babies Often Safer Than C-Sections

“The conclusions? Not only are breech babies generally at no more at risk during vaginal delivery than if delivered by C-section, but natural vaginal delivery is far safer for mothers…Glezerman emphasized at the Canadian meeting that a C-section is not simply another method of delivering a baby. It is a major surgical procedure that carries with it some potentially life threatening risks; it also decreases the chances a woman can breastfeed. What’s more, having a C-section also increases risks for women when they become pregnant again in the future. That’s because once a woman has delivered by C-section, it becomes more dangerous and occasionally impossible to deliver vaginally because the Caesarian section surgery raises the risk uterine walls and muscles could rupture during birth.

Article: Is Breech Vaginal Delivery Safe?

Article: Breech Vaginal Birth is Not an Emergency

Salt Lake Prenatal Massage is Sponsoring "Kid Labs" Meetup - FREE family photo shoot and Street Art Party this Friday


Salt Lake Prenatal Massage is proud to sponsor a FUN, FREE community event all about art, kids, and family!

This Friday, July 3, from 3-7pm, you and your children ages 3-17 are invited (babes in arms too!) to come down and appreciate some "Street Art" in Sugarhouse. 

We will have a DJ spinning family-friendly tunes and hosting games, snacks provided by Trader Joe's, and we will have some photographers on hand to take pictures of you and your kids using the incredible backdrop of a warehouse that has been painted by some very talented Street Artists. 

The photos will be used for Kid Labs promotional purposes, but you will also get a copy to keep!

One of the missions of Kid Labs is to support local artists and give kids a hands-on learning experience, and kids in attendance will have the chance to collaborate on a mural that will be installed in the forthcoming Kid Labs Creative Studio. 

We invite you to come on this adventure and explore this part of Sugarhouse that many don't know exists! 

Better yet, we CHALLENGE YOU to take TRAX! It's the 500E Stop on the S Line (Wilmington Avenue, right on the border of South Salt Lake and Sugarhouse). Parking is limited, and our party place, the Graffiti House, as we call it, is really only accessible via TRAX. Here's a map. 

RSVP here and also visit Kid Labs on Facebook.

Thank You, Placenta

One of the most amazing things to me about the body - my amazing female body - is that it has the capacity to create a new, temporary organ during pregnancy, for the sole purpose of growing and nourishing a human being. I've had the honor of doing that twice myself.

We’ve termed this organ THE PLACENTA, and today, I’ve termed her The First Mother - The Great Connector, The Gatekeeper of Life, The Caretaker of my Unborn Child.

The Mighty Placenta. It is so incredible.

I mean, when do you ever get to see or even hold one of your organs, normal and healthy, on the OUTSIDE OF YOUR BODY?

The Gatekeeper of Life - She orchestrates everything.

The Great Connector - She connects my unborn child to me. She holds his life in her hands.

I mean really, just think about that. The whole thing is a miracle. Every step of the way, it is pure grace.

The Caretaker of my Unborn Child - She watches over him, cradling him safely, caressing his skin with silky membranes and warm amniotic fluid, supplying the right temperature, the right amount of liquid, the right amount of nutrients. Day in, day out, she steals from my body to feed the child in her care for nine long months. She is the First Mother to my child.

SHE is in total control of the whole thing. My job is to simply KEEP BREATHING and STAY HYDRATED and nourished.

Her job, on the other hand, is to produce and manage hormones, create and balance amniotic fluid, direct all flow of nourishment and oxygenated blood. And depending on how and where and how well she grows and how precisely and for what length of time she functions, she has a great deal of influence over when I give birth, where I give birth, who attends my birth process, how I give birth, how slow or how long it takes, how natural and peaceful - or medical and intense - the process is, what positions I might have to labor in, his heart rate, his growth rate, his size; how I must breathe in labor, how hard or slow I must push. She determines whether my son actually grows to completion and lives to take his first breath of air... or whether he slips away quietly in her arms before I ever get to hold him in mine.

She determines whether I live or die, how quickly or slowly I recover, how much postpartum housework I can do and when I can resume normal day-to-day physical activity.

She also determines whether I bleed to death in childbirth or even come close to it.  

I am at her mercy. Entirely. Victory or heartbreak belong to this temporary, mysterious visitor.

Cutting my first baby's cord

Cutting my first baby's cord

Many women who have given birth have NEVER EVEN SEEN HER OR MET HER AND DON’T WANT TO. After all, she’s a fearsome sight. She's bloody and glistening and strong-smelling and thick as a boneless steak as large as your open hand. And when you do finally meet her, you'll see dangling from her body a semi-transparent, ruptured amniotic sac and a white, flat, useless umbilical cord as thick as your thumb, most likely tossed in a stainless steel bowl with a metal clamp attached to the end of the cut cord, signaling IT IS FINISHED and THIS IS THE END.

To most, She is not pretty. Some people politely refer to her as “the afterbirth”. Some call her Gross and Disgusting and some might even faint at the sight of her.

Sometimes after the baby is delivered, she is tugged on and pulled out by the umbilical cord, often before she is even ready to detach on her own. If you give her time and respect her, she will detach on her own. But whether she is ushered out by traction, requires surgical removal, or just peels herself away as the now-vacant uterus continues contracting, when she leaves, she leaves a giant wound on the uterine wall.

She gets inspected for all her parts, and then with no further thought she is often dumped in the trash. “Medical Waste. Biohazard.”

Yet, no matter how she makes her exit, she perpetually sends you “Thank you for your hospitality” cards via the perpetual shedding of thick, syrupy, clotty blood, much like menstruating for weeks, which nobody gets excited about...but, welcome to motherhood. Motherhood is uncomfortable and messy and downright inconvenient.

And after I birthed my son, and actually, both times, I just waited for the Placenta to arrive on her own. There was nowhere to go and nothing to do in those moments right after giving birth, and my midwife kept an eye on my postpartum bleeding as usual. So I just clutched my brand new babe to my chest, and I breathed mightily, not sure if I had just died or if my life had just begun again.

His umbilical cord pulsed until it pulsed no more, announcing the death of Her Majesty. And then, the father of my child performed the ritual cutting of the cord. My first babe was bundled up and received by my mother while I regained my strength. The second time I gave birth, the babe went straight into the arms of his father, who was still reeling from my announcement, "Oh, it’s (another) boy!!"

It's another boy. 

It's another boy. 

Surprised I had to do any more work after getting that first baby out, I pushed again, cramping and bleeding, a little bit shocked and mostly overwhelmed, but that Great Connector - she just departed and willingly slipped away. I watched her go. My midwife escorted her into the next life. I don’t know where she went. I thought of burying her in the ground and planting a tree but I worried my dogs would unearth her in the yard.

Unlike my oldest sister who also birthed her first child at home, I did NOT keep Her Majesty in my freezer for four years. Yet, had I known that someone could pick up my placenta, wash it, cut it up, dehydrate it, pulverize it, and put it in capsules that I could swallow like supplements perfectly designed for my body, I surely would have done that, because all mammals consume their placenta for the myriad of benefits it provides. Maybe next time.

When I gave birth the second time, two years later, I delivered her myself.

When I gave birth the second time, two years later, I delivered her myself.

IWhen I gave birth the second time, two years later, I delivered her myself. I reached down and guided her out my body with my own two hands. I held her on my lap. Her blood - my blood - OUR BLOOD - spilled out all over me, down my forearms and on to my knees and back into the pool of water I had just given birth in, full of the evidence of our accomplishment: the floating white flecks of vernix, the amniotic fluid, more blood, and approximately eight old bath towels that were rolled up and submerged to support my back during the 32 minutes I spent in the birthing tub prior to my son's arrival.

I held Her Majesty. I thanked her. I actually said the words, “Thank you, Placenta!” and said goodbye to this sweet Caretaker of my unborn child because her support was no longer needed.

Her timely death was the sign of success: LIFE created and sustained on the outside. Life created and sustained by the oxygen that flows all around us and the milk that now flows freely from my breasts, and the warmth radiating from my skin against his skin. She was his first mother and I gladly pick up where she left off.

My sons….oh, my sons.

I still call them blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh. One in Kindergarten and the other in 2nd grade, they have a pretty good grasp on conception, pregnancy, and birth. They have witnessed themselves born, in pictures and video.

Discovering my own amniotic sac while waiting for the placenta to arrive

Discovering my own amniotic sac while waiting for the placenta to arrive

They understand that my body grew them and pushed them out; It’s Bedtime Stories for them. “Mom,” the younger one says, “I will always love you because you grew me and we shared the same blood.”

Yes sweetheart, I grew you. I held and sustained and brought forth life in partnership with those mysterious forces of the Universe, and of course, that Great Connector.

The Placenta. She rules pregnancy and birth. She rules life and death.

“Thank you Placenta,” Beautiful Tree of Life. I stand in awe of your power.

What Postpartum Depression Looks Like

Postpartum depression, you are the thief in the night.

I'm fine. I'm not depressed.

I'm just angry and irritated at my husband all the time. 

But I'm super productive and I get out of bed, so, I'm not depressed...

I just feel trapped

and angry

and resentful of my child

(...but doesn't every first time mom feel that way, if she really told the truth?)

And all the other moms around me seem to be fine with THREE kids

So apparently I'm the only one who struggles, and being the strong woman that I am, I'd like to keep that to myself, thankyouverymuch.

I'm fine. I'll just keep going. 

I'll just keep pretending I LOVE MOTHERHOOD... when the truth is... I really liked going to work so I could feel like I accomplished something. 

My life is no longer mine. I am with a babe at my breast, all day, all night. I hardly sleep. My body is not mine. My time is not mine. My plans fail on a regular basis. My hands are never free. I am stuck. I am chained. 

But I can't tell anyone this.

HE can go skiing. But I can't even take a shower, or get to the store without barf all over me, a poop blowout up baby's back, or having to stop to nurse, or driving ten minutes with a screaming infant in the back seat. God help me. I feel so out of control. 

But... do I really have the right to complain? My planned home birth was awesome, my pregnancy was great, my child is healthy and beautiful, I have so much to be grateful for, so I shouldn't be upset, or ungrateful AT ALL.

And then, sooner than planned...

I'm pregnant again. 

Here comes our second child. His birth - all 9.5 lbs of him - passes through my body with no pain. His birth is rapid and ecstatic, and joyful. I want to do it again.

I still resent my husband most of the time

And we have no money

And I feel like I'm drowning with a not-quite-two year old and a newborn...

But then I remember that my mother - my dear mother - had SIX children at my age, and NINE children by age 38. I can do two. My sister has two children with disabilities, one requiring constant care. I can do this. 

Postpartum Depression is a label that does not fit me AT ALL.  My newborn is 5 months old, and when my husband's business collapses, I started a business of my own out of necessity (and inspiration)... and it's thriving. It's the year 2009, and I'm seeing 30 prenatal massage clients a week. I'm growing so fast I have to hire employees to help. I'm making a real difference in the community. I'm a doula now too, on call for as many as five births a month; I'm also now a paid musician, performing music on stage four nights a week; I'm super busy and my husband... well, in addition to trying to get some new work-from-home endeavors off the ground, he stays home with the kids. He sings them to sleep. He sees my baby's first steps. I barely remember my second child's babyhood. It's a blur. I don't love the burden of providing for our family.

I wish I could just be a mom. 

And then I remember, THAT was hard too.

Something feels really wrong. 

I can't breathe.  And I still resent my husband most of the time. He can never do enough. I hate where we are in life. I make sure he knows that it's his fault. We have lots of ups and downs. I'm sinking. 

Postpartum Depression... You sneaky little bitch. 

It is now 2015. My children are both in school, ages eight and six. And my husband? We've been separated for almost two years. 

It's brutal to hear my children cry themselves to sleep sometimes. One night, after their daddy moved out, my youngest (who learned American Sign Language as a baby) signed "Sad. Mom. Dad. Family"-- because the sobs that are shaking his little body prevent him from speaking. 

It has taken me EIGHT YEARS to realize my workaholism is a way of avoiding depression, that I thrive on the highs of accomplishment. I am so busy that I don't ever have to stop to feel anything. And this, in some ways is a good thing. But clearly, like any addiction, it costs me dearly. It costs me my connection with my children. It costs me my marriage. 

Last summer, I mentioned to one of my sisters that everything, and I mean e v e r t h i n g just felt SO hard. 

Like, I'm hungry, but preparing food sounds way too hard. 

Or, I'd pick that spoon up off the floor...later.

"Yeah," she says, "you know that's how my depression feels. Everything is tooooo daaaamn haaaard."

...Which doesn't make sense!  That's just... laziness and resistance.

I notice that some days I just can't handle anything. I have NO patience. NO tolerance. Lots of anger. The smallest misstep sends me into a spiral of hopelessness. Some days I fantasize about rolling my car to make my death look completely accidental.

One morning, you know, the WORST MORNING EVER - I keep my children home from school -- both crying their hearts out because of my angry interactions and frustration with them...with everything. I collapse on the couch in despair. I AM THE WORST MOM EVER AND I SHOULD NOT BE A MOTHER. I call that same sister, sobbing, not able to speak, and she knows. She knows I need help. After we hang up, she sends a text message saying, "Hang on Bec, the cavalry is coming." 

She sends mom over to get the kids. She sends over my brother who happens to be in town, to sit with me. He listens with love to the nonsense pouring out of my mind and mouth. He brings me Starbucks. He reassures me I'm okay and everything will be okay. Two more sisters call me to check on me. They know. They have struggled too. 

I realize

these might be signs of depression.

My midwife agrees, maybe I might function better with a prescription - just to TRY it. Mrs no-drugs-natural-childbirth-natural-everything agrees to manage her mental health with a prescription. I keep it in my purse for a week just to give me time to wrap my head around it. It's terrifying to me to take that step because it seems to go against everything I believe.

It changes my life.

Five days into my prescription, for the first time in over a decade, I wake up "happy" like, normal baseline happy. And it is in that moment that I realize by contrast, how I have been living - underwater gasping for air - thinking THAT'S normal.

Zero feels wonderful when you're used to -10. 

I feel like myself, a self I haven't felt in almost a decade. I can't believe I waited this long. I am so sad. I cry now, for a different reason. I cry because I am so sad that I didn't know. That I didn't get help sooner. 

Postpartum Depression, I finally open up to face you

I had no idea for eight years and maybe more...that you were running my life. 

Nothing is wrong with me... or maybe if there is, it's simply that my brain just doesn't produce enough serotonin, that's all. I am not to blame.

Nor is the father of my children. 

I was convinced HE was the reason I felt terrible all the time. Now, I'm not certain. In fact, I wonder how it would have been different had I had the resources to support HIM emotionally.

Oh Rob, I'm so sorry. Please, please forgive me. I didn't know. I'm SO sorry.

Postpartum Depression,

You took my marriage, you took my joy. You took my peace. 

I finally understand. I see you. I know what you are.

I grieve. I grieve a lot.. but I finally understand. 

And I'm healing

and dealing

with postpartum depression.

No, my baby is not sleeping through the night and the next person who asks me will get punched in the face.


Nine months of sleep deprivation (OK, ten or 11 if you count the end of pregnancy) and this is EXACTLY how I felt.

You see, I was raised in a natural-birthing, home-birthing, attachment-parenting, baby-wearing, extended breastfeeding, nursing on demand kind of  family. I have four older sisters, all of whom are VERY opinionated on this topic.

So, by the time I was expecting my first child, I was fully indoctrinated to follow every word that came out of Dr. Sears’ mouth.

Shawn was a very healthy baby. Born at home in the fall of 2006, 8.5 lbs, and was 20 lbs by his three month birthday. My sisters lovingly called him FatBaby (only they said it "Faaat Baybay" with a the same tone of voice as when you want to devour something delicious). He was an enormous butterball with that drew stares from strangers. He was so big that I actually sustained a shoulder injury while trying to lower his carseat into its base in the car! On the other hand, I was proud that my breasts seemed to produce pure milkshakes. This was my newfound superpower; I had enough milk to feed quadruplets, I’m sure of that.

Mastering breastfeeding for the first time was amazing, but as soon as I mastered the art of breastfeeding while lying on my SIDE I realized I had discovered the great secret that allowed me to sleep AND nurse instead of getting up in the middle of the night to nurse while nodding off in my rocking chair.

Shawn slept with us. I had no fears about that. We had a bassinet by the bed (he exceeded the weight limit very quickly….) but as all first time moms have a compulsion to check that the baby is still breathing, for several reasons I found it easier to just let him sleep with us.

Every time he’d so much as chirp, I’d roll over, whip the boob out, and plugged him in and nurse him back to sleep. This went on for nine months. I didn’t want to pump, I didn’t want to wake hubby to get up and feed baby…. it was just...convenient.

It solved certain problems but created more. Shawn was eating every 2-3 hours AROUND THE CLOCK. I felt like a machine. I needed a break. I needed REST. I was totally confused about this part of motherhood. I was nursing and napping all day and all night. I felt like I couldn’t do anything else or go anywhere. My Magic Boobs were Shawn’s only consolation in life. He was dependent on me obviously, but  I was dependent on nursing him to get him to do what I wanted - calm him down, stop crying, go to sleep, take a nap, stay asleep. Night and day. Did I mention this went on for nine months?!

                           4 days old... "I GOT THIS!"

                           4 days old... "I GOT THIS!"

I was totally sleep deprived after 9 months of this and I was a total, complete WRECK (especially when other moms told me they had NOOOOO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER getting their baby to nap and to sleep for the night). I asked what they did and they were like, I don't even understand your question. Clearly I had missed something. I was beginning to resent baby Shawn for not being one of those easy, sleepy babies. My chiropractor asked if Shawn was sleeping through the night and I burst into tears, feeling like a totally defective mother.

And, I couldn't just let him cry it out.  That was not an option for my mother heart. Nobody I asked seem to remember how they did it. It was some grand mystery of motherhood that just kind of "happens" apparently.

I got online and started doing some research about how to get babies to go the hell to sleep. I came across videos and newsclips, ebooks and websites, mommy Yahoo Groups (yes, this was pre-facebook and the internet moved a tad slower than it now does.)

I found BabyWise. I got the book from the library and read it immediately. It felt like salvation…. the idea of putting your baby on YOUR schedule and making sure your needs are met first. Then, I dug deeper and unearthed some serious controversies with that method that completely turned me off. I tossed the book. I was back to square one. My hopes had been dashed to pieces.

I found Kim West, AKA The Sleep Lady, and after watching some of her principles in action via news clips, I put Faaat Baybay in the car and drove straight to Barnes and Noble and bought her book. I read it right away. I immediately committed to implementing her advice. This was gentle, humane, not the cry-it-out method, but what she called Sleep TRAINING. This was the first time it ever occurred to me that going to sleep and staying asleep and self-soothing is a SKILL that many babies must learn. It’s not just inherently programmed.

Wow. That made a lot of sense. And, I’m not a failure of a mother, best news of the year besides "It's a Boy!".

The hardest part about implementing her program was to confront all MY bad habits. I read in her book that many babies don’t sleep well because of the parents’ training the child to become totally dependent on being rocked to sleep, driven to sleep, swung to sleep, and in my case….nursed into oblivion. Those are what she calls sleep crutches, and we rely on them for sanity but they are not a long term solution.

                                         In a milk-drunk slumber :)

                                         In a milk-drunk slumber :)

I also had to give up my idea that cosleeping was the only true way. I realized that in my case there was a lot of CO but not a whole lot of SLEEPING. I was desperate to have a night of full sleep - please just even FIVE HOURS would be amazing - all apologies to Dr. Sears and my sisters.

I set up the crib - in our room - and committed to it.

It takes about two weeks of Kim West’s program to get your baby on a good sleeping schedule. It WAS THE HARDEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE. All I did was sleep train it seemed. I got nothing else done, I swear.  I asked my husband for reassurance during the moments I wanted to resort back to my old ways. We were a united front. My mental and emotional health depended on it!

The first thing I learned was “The Sleep Lady Shuffle” - which is a way of sort of weaning your baby from YOUR sleep-interrupting habits. You are, in effect, teaching your child to know that you are there, even though he/she can’t see you, and that you will respond to him/her if needed. You get them 90% asleep and then put them in the crib to do the rest on their own. First you sit right by the crib. Then, you sit halfway to the door. Then you sit AT the door. Then, finally, I had my victory lap: Shawn dozed off to sleep in his crib and I walked out of the room. He stayed alseep.  It was the perfect mix of what my mommy heart wanted for me and my baby.

Kim also taught me about baby sleep cycles and habits like this fact: baby sleep cycles change every three months! So for all you moms that think you have the hang of it and then BAM, baby pulls a fast one on you - this is normal. Go back to the Sleep Lady Shuffle.  Her book was my bible for the next several months.

Oh and also, I learned I'd been duped into thinking FatBaby had a short nap and then I went to his rescue all confused and whatnot. The Sleep Lady explains: Babies come up to the surface of sleep during their cycles. YOU think they are awake, but they aren't. I learned not to rush in every time I heard a squawk. He would soon settle and get back into REM sleep, which would usually give me just enough time to do something amazing, like, the dishes. 

Oh - and as it turns out babies CAN go several hours through the night without needing to eat. I mean, it's not like FatBaby was starving - just look at him. This meant I didn't have to nurse him between the hours of 10pm and 5am. THANK GOODNESS. This helped my milk production shift one gear lower than hyperspeed.

                                                           FAAAT BAYBAY!

                                                           FAAAT BAYBAY!

But - the point is - it WORKED. Within that first two weeks, Shawn was sleeping at least 9 hours through the night, and taking TWO 2-3 hour naps during the day. I feel like I had balance. I had sanity. And best of all, I had longer showers and time to *gasp* blow my hair dry!

I share this with you because, as a doula and a prenatal massage therapist, and of course as a Mom, I am constantly encountering women who were just like me - frustrated, discouraged, depressed, sleep deprived, resentful… it doesn’t have to be that way.

I wanted to make sure I was giving my clients the BEST resources out there, so I went to the library and checked out and read literally every book on baby sleep habits, sleep training, sleep programs. By far my favorite is Good Night, Sleep Tight by Kim West. It works. I can personally attest to that.

By the time I had my second baby, Ryan, I was baby wise. (See what I did there?). I went back to the book and learned how to start off on the right foot with my newborn…. how to help him sort out his days from his nights, how to get through those first days establishing breastfeeding, how to help him soothe himself. He was sleeping soundly in regular, age-appropriate increments from the get-go. It was absolutely necessary to have this kind of cohesion while parenting two kids under two.

The first time I got them to take naps at the SAME TIME I felt like the queen of the world!

So - just sharing my story and passing along this great resource to all you sleep deprived mamas. Kim West now has a training program and has released an army of trained Sleep Coaches. Not sure if we have any yet in Utah (although I seriously considered becoming the first!)

Order the book Good Night, Sleep Tight by Kim West, or visit for more great resources, and free downloads.

Happy napping and GET SOME SLEEP!

Valentine's Day was a hit!

We are so happy that so many of you took advantage of our Valentine's Day special offerings. We had a VERY full schedule on Friday Feb 13th and Saturday Feb 14th to make Valentine's Day special with massage therapy.

We turned away many clients calling last minute to see if they could get in. (Wives, tell your husbands to plan ahead next year!)

Couples Massage was such a hit that we have decided to make it a permanent offering at Salt Lake Prenatal Massage (more on that later!)

We had all 7 of our massage therapists working to accommodate the demand for appointments on Valentine's Day. Rebecca baked cupcakes, Brianna decorated them, and in our waiting room we had a lovely spread of organic bread and butter and jams, yogurt, granola bars, hot Lemon Ginger Tea, Raspberry Lemonade, and chocolates all around the office. All clients received a Trader Joes Organic Chocolate Bar after their session. 

(And we also discovered while introducing everyone in the office to a new client, that we have a Savannah, Joanna, and Brianna on staff. Try saying that ten times fast! )

Thank you for allowing us to make your Valentine's Day 2015 super SPECIAL!


Can massage naturally and safely induce labor?

Ahh... due dates. In my experience, due dates are the number one cause of stress during a normal pregnancy... and I'm not kidding. It's right around 39 weeks...40 weeks...41 weeks that we get panicked phone calls from moms asking us "HELP ME, DO SOMETHING, RELAX ME, MASSAGE ME, ACUPRESSURE ME.... GET THIS BABY OUT!" Motives range from "I'm miserable and just DONE" to "my mother is flying in" to "my doctor is going out of town" to "my doctor won't let me go past 41 weeks."

I have news for you, my dear friends: babies don't have calendars.

They don't care what day you think they are supposed to arrive. Unless you have a good reason to interfere, babies just come when they're plain ready.

But I certainly sympathize! I used to say that pregnancy was one month too long, because by about 36 weeks, I felt just perfect, not too uncomfortable. Then it seems I started hanging on for dear life, counting down the days and minutes (as if that were even possible.) Then, I became the target for all kinds of unsolicited comments and questions like:

"Wow, when are you due?" (Ten days ago. Pick your jaw back up off the floor.)

"When are they going to induce you?" (Who is this mysterious "they" of whom you speak? Midwives don't induce for home births. But I don't want to have to explain my birth choices to you.)

"When are they going to take the baby?" (Umm... Like, an alien abduction? Sorry, nobody is going to "take" my baby.)

That's me, 41 weeks and 2 days pregnant in 2006. Puffy and forcing a smile.

That's me, 41 weeks and 2 days pregnant in 2006. Puffy and forcing a smile.

"How far are they going to let you go past your due date?" (Well... again, this is my body, my baby, my birth - so as long as my midwive says things look great, I'm going to just wait until the baby decides to come. I know, weird to make my own informed choice, huh?)

"How many more days (till the baby comes)?" (As if I know. Next time you plant a seed, please tell me the exact date the fruit will be ripe and fall from the tree.) :D

Apparently my first little guy decided to show up at 42 weeks. Completely normal for a first-time, low-risk mom. In fact, 40 weeks is pretty inaccurate for first time moms. Studies show first time moms tend to give birth around 41.5 weeks.

So, according to my holy due date, my first baby was TWO WEEKS LATE! or was he??

According to one due date calculator, he was "due" September 3rd, 2006.
According to another, September 11th, 2006.
Ultrasound at 20 weeks said September 9th, 2006.
But he arrived on September 20th, 2006.

After he was born, I found another online due date calculator that allowed for an adjustment of up to a 45-day menstrual cycle (which was my body's average at the time he was conceived. Hooray for irregular periods.) Out of curiosity, I plugged in my LMP prior to his conception and guess what it spit out? A due date of September 20th, 2006. The day he was born. My next baby coincidentally was also "due" mid-September two years later (I refused to give a 'date') - but if you must know, he was born three days after his "due date". Here's a blog entry about how I worked through the stressful belief that my baby was supposed to be born already.

Due date calculators mostly assume you have a 28-day cycle and that you ovulate on day 14 of that cycle. Not so. Not for many women, and certainly not for me. It's a complete guess, an estimate, an average. If you want to see how accurate "averages" are for YOU, just go to the shoe store and purchase for yourself anything in the "average" shoe size for women - don't bother trying it on. Or the average pant size, or hat size, or ring size. It's guaranteed to fit you. :D

I'd like to rent a billboard that says "Your Baby's Due Dates is a GUESS, not a scheduled departure!"

Hang on - isn't this supposed to be an article about massage to naturally induce labor?

Right! My rant is over.

First and foremost, when we get phone calls at Salt Lake Prenatal Massage requesting "natural labor stimulation massage" I urge my pregnant friends to think about what their motive is for wanting to do something to "get this baby out."

'Cause here's the thing: Just about every woman starts getting antsy around 38 weeks. Why? Because you know your baby's birth is certainly coming, and knowing that, suddenly the joy in the present moment is robbed by the future looming above your head. You stop being "here" and your mind is out there in the future somewhere. THAT is what creates most of the stress and anxiety at the end of pregnancy and makes women say "I'm DONE." ('cept your not, 'cause if there is a baby in there, your pregnancy is not over. Facts are facts, regardless of your opinion.)

Aches and pains and extreme discomfort can make you want to jump the gun. But that's what Salt Lake Prenatal Massage is here for. You really don't have to be in pain. We can help make you as comfortable as humanly possible.

SO - my philosophy is that women are mammals, and just like any mammal, we won't go into labor when we are watched, threatened, chased, and pressured. So if any of those adjectives apply to you, you've got to stop and think about shifting your perspective.

When you are experiencing stress, your body releases hormones into your bloodstream that trigger other hormones and messages that govern physiological processes. These hormones can interfere with the normal process of labor.

(For example, a friend of mine was expecting her third child. She and her husband were in the process of a divorce and she did NOT want him at the birth. He showed up anyway. Within moments of his arrival, her intense labor came to a screeeeching halt and the midwife had to ask the dad to leave. As soon as she felt safe again, labor picked up and baby was born. Point: How you feel emotionally can affect your body's ability to labor.)

Therefore, I say, if you are stressed - even just about your due date - your body is going to have a harder time going into labor. If you feel like you have to give birth on someone else's timeline, and it's creating stress for you, you might want to reconsider your choices and ask questions or make changes so that YOU feel safe and supported. A watched pot never boils!

SO! Can Massage naturally induce labor?

Well, be clear, there is no magic point to rub that will start the process. You can't think of labor stimulation massage like getting a pitocin IV (And - realize that there are times when even pitocin fails to induce labor. p.s. you can read all about the risks of Pitocin/Elective Induction here.) Your body has to be ready. Your mind has to be ready. Your BABY has to be ready! Your life will not be easier with baby on the outside, ask any mother!

How can massage help induce labor? Well, massage will help lower the stress hormones in the bloodstream. It will also help raise the output of the feel-good hormones in the bloodstream. It is my strong belief and theory that lowering stress hormones can help in the natural labor process.

Acupressure has also been shown to significantly impact the body's ability to go into labor. I've read studies, and I teach my staff about it. So we work certain acupressure points during a labor stimulation massage and teach our clients how to do it themselves. Acupressure needs to be repeated several times daily.

Certain essential oils (extracts from plants and flowers) have chemical properties that can help stimulate uterine activity. We use a special combination of essential oils during a labor stimulation massage. Can't hurt - and sure smells good!

There's more to it, but we can't let all of our secrets out!

If you would like to make an appointment for a labor stimulation massage, we recommend you schedule your first session for 75 minutes so that we can do a full massage PLUS acupressure. (If you schedule 60 mins, we have to leave some of the massage out so that we have time for acupressure.)

We also recommend you come back daily, or as often as possible, for repeat sessions (only $58 each when you are coming daily for labor stim!) until you have the baby. Natural processes take time, and our approach is gentle and is more effective when repeated.

We have clients who SWEAR that we put them in labor. Maybe... but the thing is, that baby is going to come out one way or the other, so we can't take total credit for "putting a woman in labor with massage". It could be coincidence, or not, we just don't know. Sometimes women feel great relief from doing anything they feel helps them along in a gentle, natural, non-intrusive way.

We offer labor stimulation massage sessions to women who are 39 weeks and beyond, for whom no medical condition exists tht would make labor stimulation inadvisable. If we can help make your final days of pregnancy a little easier, please give us a call at 801-784-6511

Efficacy aside, I certainly can state unequivocally that having repeat massage sessions at the final stretch of your pregnancy will work wonders for your body, mind and soul.

Here's what our clients have to say:

I love Salt Lake Prenatal Massage. It's nice to go somewhere that has the facilities and tools to give you a quality prenatal massage. I know from experience that other places will offer prenatal massages but they don't even have the education or tools to do a good job. As a side note: I came in at 41 weeks pregnant for a labor stimulation massage from Rebecca Overson and it put me into labor. Thanks! If you are planning a natural birth be sure to schedule a massage here as you near labor. It will help you relax and prepare you for the birth. Not only it is SO relaxing, but Rebecca is incredibly supportive and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything in the world. I left feeling like a rockstar! - Mom of One, Salt Lake City, Utah


My baby was born the day after I last saw you!! Thanks again for the awesome massage!! I swear you have magic hands! My labor was fast and intense. I was having mild contractions that night, not unlike what I had all week, I got into bed and all of a sudden my water broke and I felt like i was in transition! 45 min later our daughter was born. We barely made it to the hospital in time. She is littlle, 5lb 11oz but healthy and happy. I am also feeling good.

Thanks again for fitting me in on such short notice. It was so nice meeting you. Take care!

RS, North Salt Lake, Utah
Mother of two

“I went to Salt Lake Prenatal Massage for a natural labor stimulation massage when I was 41 weeks along. It was incredible and absolutely worth it. I was lucky to have the owner, Rebecca Overson, as my massage therapist. Rebecca spent a lot of time working pressure points and relieving the tension in my body. She used an amazing blend of aromatherapy oils that she created herself.

I loved being able to relax and focus on my body and baby during the massage. Oh and being able to lay on my stomach was pure bliss!

Rebecca was a joy to visit with because we have very similar views on pregnancy and childbirth. Besides being a LMT she is also a trained birth doula. She knew exactly how to make a pregnant girl feel supported, empowered, and beautiful.

Rebecca went two weeks overdue with her first baby, so she could definitely empathize with me and also encourage me. Like me, Rebecca didn’t want to be induced and wanted to let the baby come on his own. It was so refreshing that when I walked in the door and she asked how far along I was that she didn’t say “Oh you poor thing!” Instead she said, “That’s normal!”

…follow up email received from the same woman only 7 hours later:

“Hey Heidi,

I was planning to schedule another natural labor stimulation appointment for next week but I am in labor now!  Please let Rebecca know I really appreciated the massage and I know it helped set things in motion.

Thanks, H.B.”




This is a follow up to the posts Top Ten Signs You are about to get a BAD Pregnancy Massage, and also, Basic Questions You Should Ask before Scheduling a prenatal massage ANYWHERE!

We are, to our knowledge, the only massage therapy clinic in UTAH that specializes in offering skilled massage therapy to childbearing women.

While there are many independent massage therapists who specialize in or offer pregnancy massage, we are the only location you can go with many options under one roof, and only one phone number to call for booking.

1. Approximately 90% of our clients are pregnant women.

2. We have worked on thousands of pregnant women since we opened in 2009.

3. All our massage therapists are licensed and insured.

4. All our massage therapists have completed a 25 hour training, developed by Rebecca Overson LMT, founder of Salt Lake Prenatal Massage. This training is currently only offered to employees. They are required to memorize and understand approximately 100 terms related to pregnancy and birth, watch dozens of training videos, and work hands-on with Rebecca and our staff trainer Kristen Tesch LMT, to demonstrate proficiency with positioning of clients during all three trimesters and postpartum massage. They are required to pass off skills for easing low back, pelvic, and neck pain during pregnancy. They are trained in the handling of basic emergencies that theoretically could arise (but rarely do). They are also trained to see birth and pregnancy as normal, to empower our clients in their choices, to promote prenatal education and it's importance in maternal and fetal health, and to love the heck out of clients and care deeply about them and their families.

PREGNANCY AND BIRTH IS OUR LIFE AND OUR PASSION... not just our "career". It's who we ARE, not what we do.

5. Our massage therapists, after completing training, are also required to complete an internship consisting of  4 to 25 practice sessions under supervision, on low-risk or high-risk women at various stages of pregnancy and/or postpartum. We select current clients that know what to expect from us, and we get their rigorous and honest feedback.

6. We teach them communication skills and offer sensitivity training to be aware of and nurturing of the emotional and physical needs of expectant women.

7. All our massage therapists practice on each other, rotating through the whole staff, before they ever work on a single paying client.

8. We have found that the vast majority of pregnant women PREFER to lie face down for a massage, if they know they can do so safely and comfortably. We can also lie her on her side if she wants, or for various other reasons (like being 38 weeks pregnant with twins - belly too large for our cushions to accomodate.) So yes... we do "let" our clients lie face down. Or on their side. We don't "require" either way - we let them choose.

9. We have invested in over $3500 in orthopedic body support cushions, wedges, and pillow for our massage therapists to use. We are experts in pregnancy comfort and positioning for massage.

10. Our office is fully equipped with everything pregnant women need to be comfortable. this includes but is not limited to snacks, fans, heaters, blankets, socks, water, bathrooms nearby, LARGE massage rooms with couches and armchairs (not tiny closet-size rooms), a robe in case you have to visit the restroom mid-massage... etc.

11. Many of our massage therapists are also  Doulas, which are trained, skilled, experienced labor and birth facilitators/coaches/support people, who offer guidance and true support to expectant women. Which means, not only do we offer amazing prenatal massage, we also help our clients through the whole process of giving birth.

12. We are confident with high risk pregnancies, low risk pregnancies, twins, triplets, c-sections, natural birth....miscarriage, loss,  infertility.... postpartum bleeding, leaky boobs, leaky fluids, giant maxi pads, swollen/large/tender breasts...

We are confident and qualified to work with you in any stage of pregnancy and motherhood. We love you and we are here for you no matter what.

13. Some of us are also childbirth educators and other birth specialists. The vast majority of us have also given birth ourselves. Not like that's required, but, it's embodied knowledge.

Meet our Staff HERE! Located in Salt Lake City at 4568 S Highland Drive Suite 245.

Hope that helps. Comments and questions welcome.

What is Placenta Encapsulation?

What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Article by Tiffany Hickenlooper

Placentophagy: the consuming of one’s own placenta after the delivery of the baby. Nearly all mammals consume their placenta after birth for numerous reasons. As humans it is believed that we used to consume our placentas when nourishment was an issue. The placenta contains hormones made by you, it also contains iron, minerals, and vitamins like B6. As an independent placenta encapsulation specialist I process the placenta using the Traditional Chinese Method which involves steaming the placenta (with lemon and ginger: yin/yang principle) after the steaming it is sliced thinly and put into a dehydrator, after it is completely dried it is put into a powerful blender to pulse into powder and finally put into empty capsules. I use gloves the entire process and follow all sanitization standards of practice. I use bleach and DisCide to cleanse my equipment. It takes approximately 24 hours for the process to be completed and I only process one placenta at a time to avoid cross contamination. All the equipment I use is only used for encapsulating placentas. The benefits of consuming the placenta from my client’s personal experiences are: *lessens bleeding *contracts the uterus *provides greater energy *lessens baby blues *increases milk production. You can read a few testimonials on my website Contact: For further information on placenta benefits visit:

How HypnoBabies differs from other Childbirth Hypnosis Programs

We are asked many times what is the difference between Hypnobabies and other natural childbirth or birth hypnosis programs, and here we answer that question by telling you what we do well without disparaging any other particular group. Other natural childbirth courses have excellent programs and benefits that have helped many women have better, more relaxed births. We recognize that and celebrate them and what they do every day for birthing women!

In Hypnobabies, our objectives are to help our pregnant couples bond with their baby in utero, teach you how to stay healthy and low-risk and be an excellent consumer, trust in your body, mind and baby, as well as become self-reliant and confident about birthing your own way; unmedicated, safely and in comfort. We overcome negative belief systems and programming, get you in touch with your own beautiful pregnant body, guide you through your own excellent birth experience and give you skills that you will use for the rest of your life. Birth Partners are brought into the preparation process and have their own hypnotic relaxation cues, as well as a special role to play as they await the birth of the precious newborn with our Hypno-mom. Since we use real medical hypnosis techniques, addressing the mind, body, and spirit of both Mother and Baby, our success rate is wonderful and very gratifying!

We are not a regular birth hypnosis class. Hypnobabies is very detailed and successful, uses medical hypnotic anesthesia techniques, from Gerald Kein's amazing Painless Childbirth program, as opposed to simple visualization and imagery, and contains the same kinds of hypnotic scripts used by people who undergo surgery successfully with hypnosis as their only anesthetic.

We also *fully* train our Birth Partners by giving them their own Birth Partner’s hypnosis CD for a calm and confident attitude towards pregnancy and childbirth, and their own detailed Birth Partner's Guide booklet for labor, which allows them to fully grasp their role in the preparation for baby’s birth as well as easily helping the Hypno-Mom during birthing. This is unique to Hypnobabies and we are very proud of this feature.

Hypnobabies can also be very successfully used by Single Mothers or those whose partners will not be participating in their birth preparation process. All of our hypno-anesthesia techniques can be easily learned, practiced and used alone, or with a Birth Partner or doula. We have specific CD sets and help for single Hypno-Moms, to make their Hypnobabies journey easier and more fulfilling.

Hypnobabies classes also provide excellent and Complete Childbirth Education, and we are the only birth hypnosis program that does so. Providing our *Complete Childbirth Education* ensures that our wonderful students will not have to take other natural childbirth classes whose philosophy is so different that it negates what they have learned in our birth hypnosis class. "Pain management and coping skills" are actually opposite of what is learned in Hypnobabies; we teach Pain Elimination by using real hypno-anesthesia.

Long before they ever step foot in their first Hypnobabies class, our Hypno-moms get to meet their baby and bond with him/her in a CD called Your Special Place, and the second track is Painless Childbirth, which helps teach you how childbirth can easily be so comfortable. (de-programming them from the usual childbirth horror stories, and written by Gerald Kein.) Each Hypno-Mom is able to learn deep relaxation and hypnosis skills for several weeks (or months!) before Hypnobabies Class even starts. This makes it much easier to learn her Hypnobabies Hypno-anesthesia Techniques in each class, bringing the Birth Partner into the preparation, (if they have one) and also how to use hypnosis for many other things: nausea elimination, back and hip pain, insomnia, pre-term labor, pre-term bleeding, perineal massage, internal exams, turning a breech, etc.

One main difference is that our students participate in a hypnosis script each week in class and then have that *same script to work with* for reinforcement during the next week, which makes a huge difference when programming the inner mind for success. It is called "compounding" in the world of hypnosis, is necessary for hypnotic suggestions to be retained by the woman's subconscious, and is unique to Hypnobabies classes.

Hypnobabies also has "Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis", which allows each wonderful Hypno-mom to walk and talk and move around freely yet remain very relaxed, fully present, aware and in touch with her body and baby and *completely comfortable while doing so*. Other programs rely on immobility for focus and concentration, which can severely impede the progress of labor and the descent and positioning of the baby. An upright, "Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis mommy means a faster and easier birthing!

We also do Birthing Rehearsals in class # 6 so that our Hypno-moms can experience using their actual Hypnobabies techniques and many different labor positions *while in hypnosis in class* which is invaluable, and also shows the Birth Partner hands-on exactly how to use his/her cues and assistance. What a confidence builder, and has made a huge difference in success rates here at Hypnobabies!

Also unique to Hypnobabies is our very successful Hypnobabies Birth Visualization, in which you can mentally and emotionally practice entering labor, experience your comfortable birthing techniques and give birth easily and in a very detailed and personal way. This “mental birthing rehearsal” is very important to the process of easy and comfortable birthing and is done many times until your Hypno-baby is born, helping program the subconscious mind to produce exactly the kind of birthing you want. Athletes like Tiger Woods and public speakers of all kinds do this to prepare with great success, and so do our Hypno-moms!

Our students also never have to guess how to make a cohesive *plan for birthing* using their Hypnobabies techniques; our program is very clear and concise and includes a Quick Reference Guide for each birthing couple to use during their labor. We also include our wonderful Birth Guide CD which keeps our Hypno-mom deeply in hypnosis with constant hypnotic relaxation and anesthesia suggestions for both the first stage of labor, and the pushing phase (NO “Ring of Fire”) as well as “positive birth team” hypnosis throughout. Birth Professionals are shocked at how completely relaxed and physically comfortable our Hypno-moms are, how easily they are able to move around and communicate and still be deeply hypnotized, and how “in control” they are of their bodies, minds and emotions. Our Hypnobabies students tell us that our Birth Guide CD is "Pure Gold!"

Unique to Hypnobabies: We require that our Certified Hypnobabies Instructors have a trained background in Childbirth and 50 hours of Hypnosis training before becoming trained as a Hypnobabies Instructor, so that *all* childbirth questions and concerns from each Hypno-couple can be addressed, hypnotic depth can be assessed, and problems such as resistance and abreaction can easily be dealt with.

Our Hypnobabies Instructors are always available for help before, during and after your Hypno-baby is born, and we also have a free Hypnobabies Yahoo e-mail group for our Hypno-moms to join for support and encouragement after your Hypnobabies class has ended, so that you can enjoy a community where others are using Hypnosis for Childbirth as well. We have daily tips and suggestions, childbirth hypnosis birth stories and a great deal of camaraderie.

Other programs have shorter and simpler childbirth hypnosis classes (8 - 10 hours of instruction as opposed to our 18) and may contain some excellent hypno-tools for birthing, but none contain the amount of information, in depth hypno-anesthesia, training, practice and support of Hypnobabies. All elements have been carefully designed to work together and the results are amazing even to ME. Not all of our Hypno-moms will have a completely pain-free birthing, yet for most it will be very close to it, and this makes all the difference in the world to so many women. Very gratifying!

Hypnobabies is an excellent choice for any woman wanting Hypnosis for Childbirth that works easily and beautifully!

Written By: Kerry Tuschhoff, HCHI, CHt, CI

Marinda Lloyd The Doula House L.L.C. 801-548-2917


A No-Frills Approach to Infant Massage

by Rebecca Overson, LMT
Founder/Director, Salt Lake Prenatal Massage

Many of you have asked about the Infant Massage classes at Salt Lake Prenatal Massage, so I thought I'd post a little something about it here.

Consider the following:

-Touch is natural. It's the first form of communication, long before words or gestures.

-Most people, unfortunately, associate touch with either punishment or sex. It is critical that children grow up with positive, safe, nurturing touch.

-Infant massage is not really about "relaxation" like it is for adults. For me, infant massage is about helping that child get used to their body and develop a healthy physical self-image. It's also useful for calming and soothing physical and emotional discomforts.

As children grow, so much of their experience revolves around physical development and discovering what their body can do. Massage for infants and children can be an important part of their physical and personal development.

Touch is a vital nutrient! Studies on Romanian orphanages in the 80s showed that while the children received adequate physical nutrition, they exhibited signs of merasmus (wasting away)/starvation. These children spent their time lying on their backs in a crib, staring at a ceiling or a wall and received little to no physical contact. Nurturing, physical touch is MORE IMPORTANT THAN FOOD and children suffer without it.

Premature infants who receive regular nurturing touch (massage) as part of their care tend to grow faster and leave the hospital earlier.

Alright, that being said, please know that there are many organizations out there that teach extensive courses on infant massage. Some charge $60-$100, include multiple sessions, and charge for a textbook. I personally don't think it has to be that complicated.

Our classes are $20, 90 minutes in length (mostly to accommodate unpredictable baby schedules!) and are straight-to-the-point. You'll learn a short but comprehensive repertoire of massage moves and baby activities that you can easily incorporate into your daily care routine. No books needed - just one handout and a demonstration, plus time for practice and Q&A.

Fun, straight, simple.

I have massaged and moved my children since birth. My boys are currently approaching their 3rd and 5th birthdays, and they ask for massage all the time. It's wonderful and amazing to see how they have developed the skill of delivering and receiving nurturing touch. My 3-year-old will lie in bed with me at naptime and stroke MY cheek. ADORABLE! One of his first words at 15 months was " 'ssage?" (as in 'Massage') and he'd stretch out his limbs and hold real still. Amazing.

Email to register for our next infant massage class!

BREATHING for Pain Relief - in labor... and in life

by Mindy Bigler, LMT

Maternity Massage Specialist/Childbirth Educator, Salt Lake Prenatal Massage

Did you know that how you breathe can have a big impact on how well you cope with and feel pain?

Deep abdominal breathing can help reduce the amount of pain you feel during labor, help relax the muscles during a massage, and help you calm down during stressful events.

Abdominal breathing helps increase the amount of oxygen to the muscles to help them relax and also releases endorphin's that are natures pain relievers.

Abdominal breathing means breathing fully from your abdomen or from the bottom of your lungs.

It is exactly the reverse of the way you breathe when you’re anxious or tense, which is typically shallow and high in your chest. If you’re breathing from your abdomen, you can place your hand on your abdomen and see it actually rise each time you inhale. You’ll find that abdominal breathing will help you relax any time you are feeling anxious.

Let’s try an exercise together. Begin by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing.

Are you:

breathing rapidly or slowly?

taking deep breaths or shallow breaths?

feeling the breath in the center of your chest, or down around your abdomen?

Most people tend to breathe in a slightly abnormal way, they tend to hold in their stomachs, make little use of their diaphragm, and breathe using the muscles of their upper chest, neck and shoulders. This is not the most effective way to get the needed oxygen to our brain and muscles.

If you watch babies or animals breathe, you will notice that they breathe with their whole bodies, their bellies rise and fall with each breath.

Cleansing breaths: deep abdominal breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Good to help calm and make rational decisions, ease fears, reduce anxiety, beneficial for both partner and mom to learn when working as a team during labor, and increases oxygen to the brain.

1. Place one hand on your abdomen right beneath your rib cage.

2. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose into the bottom of your lungs. Your chest should move only slightly, while your stomach rises, pushing your hand up.

3. When you have inhaled fully, pause for a moment and then exhale fully through your mouth. Purse your lips and imagine that you are blowing on a hot spoonful of soup. As you exhale, just let yourself go and imagine your entire body going loose and limp. It should take you twice as long to exhale as it did to inhale.

4. In order to fully relax, take and release ten abdominal breaths. Try to keep your breathing smooth and regular throughout, without gulping in a big breath or exhaling suddenly.

Learning how to do abdominal breathing and cleansing breaths can make your massages more productive, labor more effective and less painful, and is even good to teach your children to help them calm down.


Milady’s Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage by Mark F. Beck