What is Belly Casting? Belly Casting is a fun way to celebrate pregnancy! A belly cast is essentially a plaster cast of your pregnant belly or torso. Many women do belly casting at the end of a pregnancy because it memorializes the shape and look of your pregnant body. Some women only do casts of the belly, others do belly and breasts, others include hands and arms. It’s a beautiful decoration. The casts can be sanded smooth and painted white or turned into a beautiful artistic creation! Check out the photo gallery here.

Belly casting can be done with gauze strips and plaster of paris and a jar of vaseline. It’s incredibly messy.  For ease and convenience, we suggest the ProudBody Belly Casting Kits, which are available at Salt Lake Prenatal Massage.

ProudBody Belly Casting kits come with all the supplies you need to do one belly cast. They are fun and easy to do in the privacy of your own home. Cost is $40.60 which includes tax. Please call ahead to purchase one to make sure we have them in stock.