Rebecca de Azevedo Overson - Founder, Owner and LMT at SLC Prenatal Massage, is a Certified Baby Signing Time Instructor with the Signing Time Academy, a global network of instructors who teach basic American Sign Language to families. Did you know that babies can sign long before they speak? It’s amazing to see what your little one has to say. Contact us for details on upcoming Signing with Babies courses.

Mary Whyte

Pure Progression Music Therapy
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Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth provides music, support, information, and education to the birthing family by someone who is both a board certified music therapist and music therapy assisted childbirth specialist, during pre-natal, labor, birthing and the immediate postpartum experience. MTACB is a great tool to aid in many aspects of the birthing process. Pain management, anxiety and birth fear reduction, stress management, breathing and relaxation techniques and much more can be addressed. Mothers and Fathers can participate in exercises to help produce their desired birth experience. 

Once the baby has arrived the parents and baby can engage in developmental music groups to work on appropriate milestones and bonding techniques with the parent. Music is a motivating medium to access communication, motor, emotional, sensory, and social areas.