Sweet Pea Childbirth Education with Adrianna

Hello friends, we just wanted to introduce you to one of the fabulous women who teaches comprehensive childbirth education classes right here at Salt Lake Prenatal Massage, Adrianna Costello-Martin. She is an amazing resource for birthing couples.

Sweet Pea Childbirth Education

by Adrianna Costello-Martin, childbirth educator

Birth is my bliss.

I have been a natural childbirth educator for over 14 years, certifying with The Bradley Method/AAHCC in 1996, and have probably taught over 300 couples by now!

I have taught as long as I have because I love it, and end nearly every class on a “teaching high.” That said, I have found new energy since choosing to become and independent educator this year. I feel re-invigorated and even more deeply committed to sharing what I know about childbirth with others; I am “fired up” to mentor couples through this amazing process of bringing a baby into the world.

My classes are a complete, comprehensive birth education, with emphasis on helping the birth partner understand how to support the laboring woman:
-nutrition & exercise
-pain-coping & relaxation techniques
-birth plans
-Rebozo use during pregnancy & labor
-variations, complications & common medical interventions
-postpartum care
-newborn care

Classes are 10-weeks long, with an 11th meeting in your home with me for a 1-2 hour Whole House Labor Rehearsal, where I apply what we’ve learned in class to your space, showing you how to best utilize your home as a labor tool.

Tuition is $325.  A $50 deposit via Paypal, Google Checkout, cash or personal check holds your place in the class.  The balance can be paid in installments, due by our 8th meeting.

Contact me at 801-231-9379 (text or call) or adrianna.advocates@gmail.com

A Little About Me

I have four children. Caleb was born naturally 3 weeks before his due date in February 1994 in the hospital with an OB as care provider. Anna Claudia, born in December 1995, barrelled her way into our family 22 months after her brother, being born naturally in an hour flat in the same hospital with the same OB. Leo came along in May 2005 and was my first homebirthed baby with a midwife. Phoebe, born in August 2009, is my spitfire caboose. I birthed her at home into my own hands in a tub of water set up in our living room, attended by midwives–an amazing way to end my childbearing “career!”

I am currently working on requirements to certify with CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association).

I have a degree from the University of Utah in Behavioral Science and Health, with a minor in Anthropology.  I am currently working on my pre-requisites for nursing school, so I can then pursue my Certified Nurse Midwife Master’s degree (yes, I am a glutton for punishment!).

I am a Certified Birth Attendant at The Birth Center (www.utahbirthcenter.com), where I assist midwives at births, performing clinical and doula services and care.

CPR & NRP Certified

Adrianna Costello-Martin, CBA



Here’s what Adrianna’s clients have to say:


“Take this course! You wont be disappointed!” ~JL 

“ Such a great class. We have had so much fun! Thanks, Adrianna.” ~SL


“…your class transformed us! Too bad (baby) didn’t let us use any of it.. he was in too much of a hurry. But we were prepared, anyway!” ~CM


“I will say – compared to my other deliveries – while they were still amazing and special, nothing was quite like this, and the bond you often talked about in class was very much more intense for me. Not just the bond between baby and I, but also the bond between R and I. Going through something that physical, relying so much on R – it was a very special experience that is hard to put words to. (Giving birth) was the most intense and hardest thing I have ever done. I am so happy I took the class, or I couldn’t have done it. I was able to give baby M his first bath with R, which I never could do with the other boys because I was still recovering from the epidural and couldn’t stand up on my own. Just being able to get out of bed to use the bathroom whenever I needed was wonderful. I was only at the hospital for that day – and was able to be at home by the next day. I relied so much on what you taught us, what I read in the book, and what I practiced all these months for. I relied SO MUCH on R and his help. It was an overwhelming, amazing, exhausting and the most rewarding experience I have ever had.” ~ET


“Your class really prepared us to make the right decisions during labor. I hear people describe their c-section as terrifying, scary, confusing and they felt out of control. I feel so bad for those people. Your class gave me enough knowledge to not feel scared nor out of control. Therefore, I was able to be present and accepting of the whole situation.
It wasn’t until baby J was about 12 hours old that it hit me that I had a c-section and I felt devastated. But, what comforts me is that I knew from your class how to prevent having a c-section therefore, I knew I did all I could possibly do to have a vaginal birth and I am part of that 10% of the population that had a necessary c-section. Thank you!” ~LN


“Adrianna, I am so thankful that we had you as our Bradley instructor all those yrs ago (my girls are 14/12 & 9) & that you were part of such a great support system that set & support the tone for our parenting. Or, as I call it, parenting from the heart.” ~JBS


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  1. Carole Hansen

    Hi Adrianna,

    We are expecting our first baby in March and are interested in taking your classes that start in November. My sister-in-law Nicole Holland recommended you, so I just wanted to get the details about your classes. Hope to hear from you soon!



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